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Free Response Questions (FRQs) Social Psychology Unit 14

1. Explain how the following phenomena can affect behavior. Explain

further how three of the five might play a role in perpetuating racial
discrimination. (8 points)

Social loafing
Social facilitation
Cognitive dissonance

2. A group of students were asked to explain the source of a persons

grades. They provided the explanations below. Examine each
explanation and identify the explanatory device it relies upon. (12
A. Grades result from a persons intelligence and self-discipline.
When these are high, grades are good and vice versa.
B. Grades depend on doing the right things. A person should
earn good grades for reading instructions, meeting deadlines,
and turning in assignments. If a person does not do these
things, he or she bad grades.
C. Grades depend on quality teaching and educational materials.
If the teacher is good, students should be motivated and do
D. Grades depend on luck. Sometimes it doesnt matter whether
a person has studied or not if the test is tricky.
3. Identify the influences and effects of roles and norms in the prison
study and the obedience study.
4. Dr. Wong requires a group project in her sociology class. She wants
each group to design a federally funded project to reduce the number
of homeless and provide appropriate services for those who remain
homeless. She is aware of all the principles of group behavior and she
wants to reduce the likelihood of social loafing, diffusion of
responsibility, groupthink, deindividuation, group polarization, and
competition. She wants to increase cooperation and independent
action. Develop a set of instructions she should use to meet all of her
goals for this assignment.