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Garrett Raymond
Debra Dagher
UWRT #1102-092
5 April 2015
Inquiry Draft
At the beginning of the new semester I was given an inquiry project in my writing
class. At first I was very aggravated and flustered because I didnt want to do such a huge
project but after a week or two I finally got into it. I just had to look at it as something I
would enjoy doing and not like regular, boring, old schoolwork. At first it was very hard
to put together because there were so many components to the project. I had to wright
blogs and an about me section but that was even that main part of the project. The main
point of the project was finding something meaningful in your life and do an inquiry
project on it; this was the hardest part for me. At first I wanted to do my inquiry project
on illegal drugs but then I thought to my self is this really my passion so I decided against
that. After that I was going to research FIFA but I didnt know how to make it more
specific so I gave up. Then finally I struck gold and I knew what I wanted to do for my
inquiry project on. So I decided on video games and what were the long-term effects of it
on children, teenagers, and young adults in todays society.
The reason I choose video games for my inquiry project was because its
something well apart of my life and I very much enjoy them. I play video games on a
regular basis so I wanted to discover what effects they have on kids in todays society.
Through my own experiences I believe video games can help with a lot of things.
Through video games you can make more connections with people since so many people

play them. I defiantly feel my reactions have increased from video games and also Im
able to pick out the little things faster and easier. The only negative affect I feel it has is it
makes you a lot lazier because after a while its the only thing you want to do. So if you
no how to manage your time wisely with video games I believe video games are very
beneficial to someone growing up.
After I was dead set on my inquiry question I finally started my research. At first I
wasnt sure how I was going to approach it. I was wondering if I should do what I always
do for paper, look up first site on Google, or actually take my time and find credible
sources. So I decided to actually research and not bullshit my project. It really helped that
we did most of it through class and it that made it a lot easier not to get lost in my
assignment. After I found credible sources I summarized them in my own words so that I
would be tempted in plagiarism and then translated it to my project. Overall my research
process has definitely improved thanks to this inquiry project.
Through research and exploration I was able to learn so much about my topic and
know that I picked the right choice for my inquiry project. I learned that video games
could enhance you problem-solving skills, motor skills and speed for specific tasks. It
also has it down side, which could lead increase aggression, obesity, fewer hours spent on
schoolwork. It leads me to believe that kids who play video games can go wither way
depending on the type and amount played of video games.

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