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2015 (6th Annual) South Metro Summer

Leadership Conference - June 8 & 9, 2015

Includes General Sessions with:
Rick Miller, servant leader and author of Being Chief
Phil Hartley: Legal Updates for 2015-2016
Myron Dueck, author of Grading Smarter, Not Harder

High-Caliber Breakout Sessions, including:

Power Hour Flexible Model for Improving Student Achievement presented by 2015 National
NASSP Principal of the Year
Understanding the Student Growth Model
Mentoring Educational Leaders: Successful Mentoring of Induction Level Principals and APs
Improving Student Discipline in Your School: Tools for School Leaders
Using FIP to Create a Shared Instructional Vision for Your School
Tech Tips for TKES Timesaving
Behavior-Based Interviewing
EdCamp South: Join the Effort for a Thriving Regional EdCamp
Understanding CCPRI: Tips & Strategies for Improving School Scores
Preventing School Failure: Strategies to Regain Teaching Time and Improve Student
Tackling Technology-Enabling Learning: Changing the Culture of How Children Learn
Teacher Keys and DI: Putting the Puzzle Together
Equipping Effective Leaders in the Age of TKES and LKES
Cultivating Your Teacher Leaders

And Many More! Additional sessions are being added.


Special Note: Full Registration includes lodging on the evening of June 8 . Day

registration is drive-in.

Register today online at:

Registration Deadline: May 15, 2015