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My name is Katelyn Fritts. I believe that a human experience is different for
each person. To me, the human experience is something that fulfills you and makes
you wonder or reflect on something. For me, a human experience is that feeling I get
when the sun shines through the trees and aluminates the leaves. This semester has
played a part in my own personal path in many ways. I choose my career path,
changed it, changed it again, and decided to let life happen. So here I am now,
accepted into the College of Arts and planning to become an Elementary school art
teacher. Not exactly what I had imagined at first, but I couldnt be more excited for
my future. Not only have I had many human experiences this semester as a student,
but also outside of academics, as a human. I have grown and reflected in my
personal life, and created my own human experiences with a new start, in a new
This term I have learned about myself as a person, a student at UNCC, and
member of a University Writing Class, and a freshman, for the very last time in my
life. In my writing class I learned about, the human experience, I learned what I
thought inquiry, literacy and narrative was, and then I learned what they actually
are. Not only did I grow as a person, but academically, my writing, and confidence in
my writing improved drastically.
From viewing my various works, I hope the viewer learns to take time out of
their day to slow down and just enjoy the moments that make up our human
experience. Hard work pays off, and every moment, tiny or huge, can change a life,
even if it is not your own. I am not sure what the future holds for me, and thats the

way I want it to stay. I can only hope that I find my part in this world and that one
day, I can make a difference in a childs life. However, the future isnt predictable;
you can only make the most of what is thrown at you. When life gives you lemons