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Garrett Raymond

Ms. Dagher
UWRT #1102- 092
16 February 2015
Double Entry Journal
Citation: Gentile, Douglas A. "The Multiple Dimensions of Video Game Effects." Child
Development Perspectives. 5.2 (2011): 75-81. Print.

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Many studies have found associations

between the amount of game play and
several negative outcomes, such as increased

- I agree with this somewhat because I do

believe video can make some people more
violent but not everyone. I believe kids who
cant handle the violence should not play them
and kids that can should be allowed.

Studies have also demonstrated an

association between the amount of time
spent on games and other screen media and
the risk of childhood obesity.

- I agree with the statement because some kids

that All they do and it can lead to physical
problems. You should only play video games
when your work is done and you did some
kind of exercise.

Other health issues have also been linked to

amount of game play. There are cases of
children reporting repetitive stress injuries
due to overuse of game controllers. There is
even a thumb injury called Nintendinitis.
Total amount of play has also been linked to
pathological gaming, colloquially called
video game addiction.

- I also agree with this because many injuries

can come from video games if you play them
to hard and long. Much stress can also come
from playing because of frustration. If your
not able to do something you shouldnt stress
about and just remember its just a game and it
doesnt determine your life.

Another context aspect that may have

independent effects is how the game
provides contextual clues to in-game
problem solving.

- I agree that video games have their benefits

and many do help you on your problem
solving skills. Through my experience I got a
lot better at puzzles and riddles from video

For example, in a study of laparoscopic

- I believe that video games do help your

surgeons, who perform surgery from outside

the patients body while looking at a screen,
those who had played video games in the
past for at least 3 hours a week were 27%
faster and made 37% fewer errors on
advanced surgical skills. In fact, video game
experience was a better predictor of surgical
skill than prior laparoscopic surgical
experience and years of practice.

skills become more precise and that I would

help someone who has a job with pressure.
Video games always apply pressure on you
witch makes you more successful in pressure
for future things. It would help you if your
were like a pilot, surgeon, or etc. , they all use
video game simulators to practice their skills.

For example, two studies of a virtual game

environment designed to encourage
teamwork and cooperative working methods
among vocational students found that the
game did encourage collaboration

- I agree that video games do increase

teamwork because you have to use it some
games if you want to complete the level.
Video games can provide valuable team work
lesson with help you in your future projects.