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Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Organization

Morning work
o Students promptly begin their morning work displayed on the white board.
Turning in work
o At the beginning of class, place homework in the green bin labeled
o Make sure that your name is written on each paper.
o Turn in classwork in the blue bin labeled Complete
o Turn in unfinished work in the red bin labeled Incomplete.
o The teacher will have students complete any unfinished work during
recess or other free time.
- There will be a bucket with a variety of supplies at the center of each
table for students to use. Students will keep personal supplies in their
Substitute folder
o This is a blue folder that will be stored on the wall by the teachers desk.

o The folder will include class attendance sheet, seating chart, daily
schedule/routine, and different activities for the substitute.
o There will be a large red bin by the door.
o Upon entering the classroom each morning, students should place their
lunch box in the bin.
o Upon lining up for lunch, students should pick up their lunch boxes.

Class Procedures

Entering the class

o In the morning the students will put their backpacks up in their lockers.
o Student will greet the teacher by the door.
o Place take home folders in the folder bin.
o Quietly take their seats and begin morning work written on the whiteboard.
o The teacher will take attendance silently while students are doing their
morning work.
o If a student is tardy to class, he/she should stop by the office to pick up a
tardy slip and bring to the classroom.
Class behavior chart
o There will be a chart on the wall with each students name and the colors
green, yellow, and red representing daily behavior.
o Students will receive a green if they make good choices and do what they
are asked.
o If a student does not follow the rules, they will receive a warning and their
color will be moved down to yellow.
o If a student continues to misbehave and is being unfair or unsafe towards
other, their color will be moved down to red and they will miss free choice.

Lining up
o Quietly stand up from your desk, pushing your chair in.
o Take any required items depending on where we will be going.
o Line up by the door in order depending on where your track is.
o Face the front of the line quietly.
Lunch count
o The teacher will introduce the three lunch choices for the day.
o Upon being called on, students will answer with their lunch chose or
indicate if they have a lunch box.
Lunch Money
o Parents should send lunch money in their childs folder in a Ziploc bag
with the childs name and amount of money.
o The teacher will collect lunch money when checking folders.
o The teacher will have the student of the week send lunch money to the
cafeteria at the same time attendance is taken to the office.
o The teacher will inform students when it is time for lunch.
o Students will grab their lunch boxes out of the bin.
o Students will get in a single file line and quietly follow the teacher to the
o Students with lunch boxes should have a seat at our table.
o Students with school lunches should quietly stand in line.
o Throw trash in the can when finished.
o After lunch we will line up and go out to recess.
o Share playground equipment.
o When teacher signals to go back in, line up without pushing or shoving.
o Quietly follow the teacher inside the building.
o Students can bring a healthy snack for the morning such as pretzels, fruit,
cheese, crackers.
o Throw away trash and get ready for next activity.
o If a student needs to visit the nurse, please raise your hand and let the
teacher know.
o A teacher must write the student a pass to go to the nurse.

o Students will need to bring a note from their parent or doctor for with
absentee information from the previous day/s.
o Upon hearing the signal, students will promptly and quietly stand up facing
the flags.
o Your right hand should be placed over your heart.
o Facing the American flag, respectfully recite the pledge of allegiance.
o Facing the Texas flag, respectfully recite the Texas Pledge.
o Remain standing for a moment of silence and use this time to about the
choices you will make for today.
Give Me Five
When the teacher raises her hand and asks students to Give Me Five,

Eyes are focused

Mouth is quiet
Ears are listening
Body is straight
Hands are still

o Only use the tissues that you need.
o Throw used tissues in the trash.
o Place one squirt of hand sanitizer on your hands and rub them until they
o No pens may be used.
o Pencils must be used for all work.
Pencil Sharpener
o The teacher is the only one that may use the pencil sharpener.
o If a pencil needs to be sharpened, place the unsharpened pencil in the
bucket labeled Dull Pencil.
o Take a sharpened pencil from the bucket labeled Sharp Pencil.
o We will take three restroom breaks as a class once after second period,
before lunch, and after recess.

o If a student needs to take a restroom break, they must raise their hand,
and upon receiving permission, take the restroom pass to go to the
o Promptly return to the classroom.
o Hang the pass back on the hook near the door.
Leaving for the day
Cleaning Work Area:
o Students will prepare to leave for the day by cleaning their desk and
putting up supplies.
o Pick up trash around their desk.
o Stack their chair by their table.
Collecting Folders/Work:
o Pick up take-home folders that the teacher has placed in each students
o Collect any work from the student slot/ mailbox and place in take home
o Students will pick up their backpacks, lunchboxes, and other belongings,
and wait for teacher to dismiss them.
o The teacher will dismiss each group of students separately depending on
their means of transportation.
o Bus-riders should line up first, followed by daycare, and finally car riders.

Emergency Procedures

Fire Drill
We will practice the fire drill several times throughout the year.
Students will stop everything and quietly line up at the door.
The teacher will lead the class outside to safety taking along the class roster.
The last student will close the door to the classroom.
The students and teacher will quietly wait outside until they are permitted to
return back in the building.
o It is important to remain calm!

Lockdown drill
o Quickly and quietly form a line along the back wall.
o The teacher will cover the windows and turn off the lights.
Weather drill
o In the event of a weather emergency, students will remain with their
teachers until they are signed out by a parent or guardian.
o In the event of a drill, students will calmly stand up, pushing their chairs in
and forming a line to follow the teacher to a safe designated area.
o The teacher will take along the emergency bag and when the signal is
given that everything is clear, the class will follow the teacher back in the

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