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COPY ~ HEARING BY THE GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ON A PROPOSED 210-MILE PIPELINE SUBJECT: PALMETTO PIPELINE HEARING LOCATION: Richmond Hill City Center, 520 Cedar street, Richnond Hill, Georgia 31324 DATE: April 21, 2015 START: 5:00 p.m. END: 7:07 p.m. REPORTER: Suzette R. Weis, RPR, CO-CSR, CSR-2741, CRR TRANSCRIPT PREPARED BY: | NCKEE COURT REPORTING, INC. P.O. Box 9092 | Savannah, Georgia 31412-3092 (912) 238-e808 MeKee Court Reporting, Ine. 912-238-8808 10 n a u 4 18 16 u 16 19 2 2 22 2 24 25 Page 2 APPEARANCES: Mike Bolden - State Utility GDo? Engineer Helen Taylor ~ Transportation counsel Allen Fore ~ Representative from Kinder Moryan INDEX PAGE EXAMINATION Speakers from Crowd (a11 phonetic spellings Certificate of Reporter 89 (Reporter's Disclosure Statement attached to back of transcript.) EXHIBITS Exhibit 1 - Mr. Yellin's Documents (All exhibits retained by Ms. Debbie Ligonis, court reporter for Tiffany Alley, would not allow all copies to be made of other exhibits.) a as uu a5 a6 a 18 a9 20 at 2 2 2a 25 Page 3 (5:00 p.m.) WR. BOLDEN: Good afternoon. Can you hear me? Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Ca you hear me on this mike? SPERZER: Turn it up (Off the record) MR, ROLDEN: Can you hear me all right? Can you turn it up a little bit more? Excuse ne can you turn it up a little bit more? Can you hear me now? Ron! Better. WR, BOLDEN: Better? Okay. Hold up. Getting @ little closer, Good afternoon, my name is Mike Bolden, I'm the State utility engineer, CROWD: Louder, please. Turn it up MR, BOLDEN: Got a new mike coming. Good afternoon. There we go crown: There. MR. BOLDEN: My name is Mike Bolden, I'm the State utility engineer for the Georgia Department of Transportation. T'm here to represent the Departwent in this public hearin for the Palmetto Pipeline. As you know the Palnetto Fipeline, Products Pipeline has submitted for a certificate of public convenience and Meee court Reporting, Ine. ‘912-238-0808,