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Gender Transition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What does it mean to be transgender?
A The term transgender is an umbrella term that encompasses anyone whose self-identity,
behavior or anatomy falls outside of gender norms and societal expectations.
Q What does it mean to transition?
A The word transition is used to describe what a transgender person is going through or has
gone through. In this case, a teacher who has previously been identified as female is
transitioning to his authentic identity as a male.
Q Why arent you releasing the name of the teacher?
A The District is required to protect the privacy of its employees, which is why we cannot
publically release the teachers name.
Q Will this employee be using the same restroom facilities as students?
A No, teachers use separate faculty restrooms, and those facilities are unisex and private.
Q How should I address a transgender person, both in speech and writing?
A Always use language that corresponds to the persons gender identity, even when referring
to a time in the past. In this situation, refer to the teacher as Mr., and use the pronouns he
and him. While it is normal to make mistakes during the persons transition, dont draw
attention to it; just correct yourself and carry on.
Q How common is it for people to be transgender?
A It is difficult to say. Although being transgender is not a choice, people choose at different
times and different ways to live as their authentic selves. Employees and students in many
school districts have undergone gender transitions, including schools in Monroe County.
Q Will this employee be going through physical changes?
A Physical changes may or may not be part of a transgender persons transition, and this must
be kept confidential like all medical information on employees and students.
Q Recently Bruce Jenner made national news for announcing a gender transition. Is this the
same thing?
A Yes and no. Our employee has decided to acknowledge his authentic identity as a male, just
as Bruce Jenner acknowledged her identity as a female. However, our employee is not a
public figure and would like to maintain privacy about his transition.
Q What if my child or I are simply not comfortable with this?
A This is new for many people, and it is understandable for some not to be comfortable upon
first hearing about it. Its important to understand that this employees change will have no
impact on his ability as a teacher, and no colleague or student is being asked to do more
than treat him with respect.