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He name is Ricardo montaner.

He is
from Argentina. He is Argentinian
and Venezuelan. He is a singer. He is
56 year old. He His favorite food is
chicken with rice. His favorite sport
is football. His favorite color is white.
He has a pet its a dog. He has 3
children. His wife is Marlene
Rodriguez. He has 4 brothers. His
favorite music is baladas. His
favorite movie is Independence
Day .his favorite actor is Sylvester
Stallone. Ricardo montaner is
catholic. His telephone number is
4506075.his email address is Ricardo
montaner He is a

He is Jesus Adrian Romero. He is
from Mexico. He is Mexican. He is a
singer. He is 49 year old. He is
married ,His favorite food is pizza.
His favorite sport is basketball. His
favorite color is red. He has got a
pet its a cat. He has 3 children. His
wife name is Pecos Romero. He has
2 brothers and 2 sisters. His favorite
music is Christian. His favorite
movie is Robocop .his favorite actor
is Joaquin cordero. He is a religious
person. Hes very tall. He has blue
eyes. His telephone number is