to spend the “Best Week of Their Lives” at Sharp Top Cove this summer!

Win FREE Camp! ($599)* or FREE Deposit ($150)*
*Rules/Instructions: 1. Anyone can enter, must be in 9-12 grade. Students take home ballots at club on 25th or 1st. 1. “Camp Pledges” must be first timers. “Ballot Holders” can be first or second timers. 2. Pledge names cannot be on more than one ballot. 2. T o enter drawing, Ballot Holders must turn in ballot on the Feb. 8th due date (at Club). 3. All names listed on ballot must have deposit and registration form at Sign-Up Night on 15th. 3. Drawing will be for one ballot, at club on the 15th. The Ballot Holder will win FREE Camp Fee and the three pledges on that ballot win FREE Camp Deposit. Questions: Contact BC at 972-984-0959 or Chris T. at 214-364-5800.

Ballot Holder Name:
Print Name 1. 2. 3.

(Entering to win FREE CAMP! $599)

Camp Pledges: (Must be first timers with name on only one ballot. Entering for FREE Camp Deposit! $150) Signature

*Turn in ballot at Club on the 8th (FINAL due date). To enter drawing, all names on ballot must attend Camp SignUp Night on Feb. 15th WITH deposit and registration form. Drawing will be held at the end of Club on the 15th.

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