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On Friday, March 20, a meeting occurred among Tom Sullivan, Sheriff Garett

Wiggins, Deb Hinsvark and Police Chief Joel Rae. The meeting was held for the
purpose of exchanging information. For the police to build a station, it needs a
footprint of 8,000 square feet. Does the County have enough room on their campus
for the addition of the station? At the meeting, they indicated they did not know.
Sheriff Wiggins feels there is a reason to share reception, a training room/public
room, workout room and evidence in a new police station and enlarged sheriffs
office. He feels this is about 3,500 square feet. The Citys response was that it
would be difficult to share space since both of our teams are sufficiently large to
need use of such spaces continually. Evidence areas could not be shared, but would
need to be built large enough to accommodate both departments. There is the
ability to share training rooms if there were a clear protocol for sharing and reason
to share workout space as well.
The Citys currently programmed building does not have a public space instead,
staff are planning to use the squad meeting room for ongoing training and not build
a public meeting space at this time. The workout room in the new facility is
intended to be about 400 sq ft.
In the end, if the City found areas to share in its current programmed campus, it
would be 400 square feet the workout area. And to accommodate the police
building on the County campus, there needs to be room for an 8,000 square foot
footprint. The County has not considered improving the sheriffs campus in its
capital budget and would not be able to commit any funds for joining campuses
until May, if then.
We went over the current combined activities of these two departments. According
to experts in the management of law enforcement, the two largest savings to be
found among agencies are 1) through combined communications/dispatch and 2)
through combined special teams such as SWAT and drug enforcement. We have
enjoyed these savings through combined efforts for years.