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Of the Republic of Amsterdam

We the multicultural people of the Republic of Amsterdam, unified by
the common goal to further ourselves and fellow people of struggling
nations, to proclaim our Rights as Men to life, liberty, and equality. We the
representatives of the self-determined Dutch peoples, establish this
Constitution by these governing principles for the sovereign Federal Republic
of Amsterdam.

Article I: Citizenship
1. Not Every Citizen that Registers in the game and Joins as Dutch
Is Considered a Citizen of the Republic of Amsterdam.
2. To become an official citizen of the Republic of Amsterdam (once
you have the in-game citizenship) you must fill out a Google form that
will allow you to request an ID Charter.
3. Once you send the request form, if accepted, you will be granted
of an ID Charter, that settles you as an official citizen of the Republic
of Amsterdam.
4. Every Citizen who has the citizenship of the Netherlands must fill
out a form to request the official Identification Charter of the Republic
of Amsterdam. Those citizens who dont have or refuse to have an ID
Charter will be declared as Rouge Dutch Citizens.
5. The Rouge Dutch Citizens will not be allowed to Join an Official
R.o.A Political Party or be candidate for Presidency or Congress.

Article II: Official Languages

1. The official languages of the Republic of Amsterdam are: English,
Spanish and Dutch. Dutch is only used for more formal documents.
2. There must be an official referendum recognized by the RoAs
government to add or remove a language on the official languages list.
3. All Laws will be written in English or another official language.
4. In Case of a Dispute regarding the interpretation of the texts in
this constitution, the English texts will be the ones to lead.

Article III: Congress

1. To become a congressional candidate in any political party of the

Republic of Amsterdam, one must have an Identification Charter, We
do not accept any rouge citizens to be part of our congress.
2. The Congress of the Republic of Amsterdam creates and repeals
the laws of the nation.
3. If there is an executive order made by the Country President, it
can be repealed or found illegal with a 2/3rds majority vote.
4. All legislature must pass through a discussion/proposal, and a
vote on the forums before moving onto an ingame vote.
5. Congress has the power to increase or lower taxes, change the
state religion, impeach the president, alongside the passing of a
national referendum and anything necessary and proper as deemed by
the general public.
6. Congress can also accept and reject treaties accepted by the
current administration, as well as other ingame functions of congress.
7. A legislative discussion or proposal lasts for a minimum of 24 hrs
and can be extended up to 72 hrs.
8. Should there be a national emergency, the President can issue
an executive order to fast track the discussion or proposal directly to
an ingame vote, forum vote or shorten the discussion time to less than
24 hrs.

Article IV: Rouge Citizens

1. Mentioned on Article I section 4, The Rouge Citizens of the
Republic of Amsterdam are those citizens who are In-game citizens of
the republic but doesnt have an Identification charter or refuses to
have one.
2. The Rouge Citizens are seen as a Threat to the Security and
national Stability of the nation and therefore they cannot join the
political system of the nation.
3. The Rouge Citizens are NOT allowed to join an Official political
party of the Republic of Amsterdam.
4. The Rouge Citizens are NOT allowed to be part of the Cabinet of
any Amsterdam Candidate.

Article V: National Symbols

1. As an Honor to the United Netherlands, our national Motto is

Lunion fait la force (Union makes Strength/La Union Hace La
fuerza/Eendracht maakt macht).
2. Our National Anthem is the song In My Remains of the famous
American band Linkin Park, And our war anthem is the song Dark
Chest of Wonders in a instrumental platform.
3. Our national flag will always be the Official Amsterdam City flag.
4. Our National Coat of arms will be always the Official Amsterdam
coat of arms
5. The official name of the republic is based of the capital city of the
Western Netherlands, where the movement started.
6. Just like in the previous section, The capital city of Western
Netherlands (Amsterdam) Will always be the De facto capital of our
7. In case we do loss Amsterdam in a war, a new temporal capital
will be implemented until we regain the region.

Article VI: National Government

1. The National Government of the Republic of Amsterdam consists
of 3 main powers, the Congressional power, the Executive power, and
the Security Council of the Republic.
2. The Congressional Power is made up of the legal ID-holding
politicians, supported by any legal party, that were elected by the
people on the 25th day of each month.
3. The Executive Power is made up of the Country President and his
Cabinet, both of which must be legal ID-holding citizens of the
Republic of Amsterdam, unless certain conditions are met where there
is a need for temporary foreign Ministers.
4. The Security Council of the Republic shall be appointed by the
President and later approved by the Congress. It can be made up of
either legal ID-holding citizens or Honorary Citizens that is the leader
of either a friendly foreign nation, or a friendly Military Unit of the
Republic of Amsterdam or allied nation.

Article VII: Treasury of the Republic

1. The Treasury of the Republic of Amsterdam contains all national
currency, national companies or communes, and funds all national

2. The Treasury is claimed only by the citizens of the nations, and

therefore is ran by their civil servants. The current administration is in
charge of the Treasury until the final day BEFORE election.
3. On the day of the Treasury any transactions will be seen as
fraudulent theft without a clear need for and explanation of the

Article VIII: Political Parties

1. Only legal Amsterdam citizens with and ID number may join a
political party and run for any offices including, but not limited to Party
President, Congress, or Country President.
2. The Republic of Amsterdams party system consists of only
parties made by legal members and recognized by the government
with sufficient permissions and after following extensive and
mandatory procedures.
3. Political Parties in the RoA must only support candidates that
meet all requirements of their own as well as of this constitution.
4. Political Parties cannot advocate for revolt or revolution in any
way other than political and economic reform. No regime changes, no
conspiring with foreign nations.
5. Any party failing to meet the above obligations shall be removed.
6. Should a group of people consistently fail to follow these
regulations are up for withdrawal of their legal status, or banned from
the political system of the Republic.

Article IX: Royal Armed Forces

1. The main official military unit of the Republic of Amsterdam is
the Dutch Royal Army Forces, formally known as the Koninklijke
2. The military is under the control of the Minister of Defense with
oversight by the Country President.
3. The Dutch Royal Army Forces contains 4 divisions, the
Koninklijke Landmacht, Koninklijke Luchtmacht, Koninklijke Marine,
and the Koninklijke Marechaussee.
4. Every division is led by their respective highest-ranking officers
and they report to the Minister of Defense, or the Country President
should the Minister be unable to be reached within 5 days, or less
should the report be of the utmost importance.

5. The Dutch Royal Army Forces may contain citizens of a friendly

or allied nation as a soldier. It is strictly forbidden to have a foreigner
as an officer.
6. Violation of any rules or regulations of the Army, depending on
severity, will result in immediate discharge.

Article X: Rules for amending the Constitution

1. For congress to amend the constitution, there must be a vote in
congress that passes with a 7/10ths majority or 70%.
2. Presidents can NOT use executive orders to make an
3. Amendment bills must follow all the procedures of any normal
4. Amendment bills may NOT be fast tracked during any period
during the procedure of passing a bill.
5. Amendment bills must be voted on in forums for a minimum of
48 hrs and may be extended by 24 hrs to a total of 72 hrs.
6. Any constitutional Amendments must be held as a national
referendum before congress forum voting, and must have at least 50%

Article XI: Embargo on another country

1. In the Case that a country is taking advantage of our economy,
or that a country decides to betray our trust and Declare us war, as
well as a Normal case of war itself, A Trade Embargo can be placed to
annul all types of trades with citizens between our country and their
2. It has to be known that the Trade Embargo can and will affect
our economy as well, depending on how close our ties with this
nation(s) are.
3. In order to place a Trade embargo, you first need the Approval of
50% of the Congress and both the President of the Republic and the
Minister of defence, Since a Trade embargo can be an excuse for an
imminent war between that country and our country.
4. This action requires a vote on the forums between all the
Ministries and the congressmen, the vote will last 24 hrs and can be
extended to a maximum amount of 72 hrs.

Article XII: In case of a Low threat to our national security

1. The MoFA of both countries, the Ambassador of that Country and
the Republic of Amsterdam, and the Presidents will have a reunion to
discuss a better solution for the problem
2. If there is an Economical threat, depending on our situation, a
Trade embargo can be placed on that country, check Article XI for
Trade Embargo.
3. If there is a Military Thread, you can proceed to the Article XV.
4. If there is no Military or Economic threat, the problem will be
directed on Diplomatic ways.

Article XIII In case of a Severe Military threat to our national

security (DEFCON 2).
1. In the Case of a Threat to our national security, a Mutual
Protection Pact can be sent towards our Most powerful Military ally To
protect the security of our nation.
2. As well, the CP of the RoA has the obligation to warn Pro-RoA
Armies to join us in case a war is about to happen.
3. The Minister of Defense has the obligation of warning our citizens
about the threat that is happening to our nation.
4. The president has the Obligation to try and solve this problem
with Diplomacy, If this doesn't work and an Attack is imminent,
proceed to Article XVI.

Article XIV: War (DEFCON 1).

1. In the case of an imminent war or destabilizing scenario that will
cause immense destruction to not only the vRoA but its allies as well
will give the President the right to begin a national state of emergency.
2. In a State of National Emergency, the National Security Council
(refer to Article XVIII) shall be given complete military and economic
control of the country to quickly and efficiently react to and reassess
the situation.
3. All Allies of the Republic will be called Immediately to Respond
against this new threat. Strategic MPPs MUST Be signed with nations
worth the sign.
4. The Koninklijke Landmacht (Or Dutch Royal Army) Will be at
100% Active, Fighting Everyday with The Best guns the country can

Article XV: Rights of the Citizens of the Republic of Amsterdam.

1. All legal citizens of the RoA have the right of free speech
(besides foul language), religion, press, assembly, and petition.
2. All legal citizens of the RoA posses the right to bear arms in
order to defend themselves and our country.
3. Citizens in question of any wrongdoings have the right to a fair
trial of a jury among other citizens of the RoA.
4. No excessive bail, fines, or punishment shall be implemented on
any legal citizen of the RoA unless they have committed treason.
5. All legal citizens of the RoA have the right to participate in any
political actions.
6. All legal citizens of the RoA have the right to create a new
political party and submit it to the government to make it official.
7. All legal citizens of the RoA have the right to recommend a
player to join our country.
8. All legal citizens of the RoA have the right to request an
amendment to this constitution.
9. All legal citizens of the RoA have the right to work for daily
wages of 1 NLG or more.
All legal citizens of the RoA have the right to use the irc
chat freely, Without abusing with foul language and respecting other

Article XVI: Official Holidays of the vRoA

1. April 30 Will be Declared the Official Independence day of the
Republic of Amsterdam from the United Netherlands.
2. April 05 Will be Declared the Official European Honor Day,
Reminding us of the Creation of the EAC.
3. March 28 Will be declared the Official Revolution day, As it
honors the beginning of this movement.

Article XVII: National Directorate of Strategic Intelligence Service

1. The National Directorate of Strategic Intelligence Service (Or
NDSID) Its the main intelligence service of the nation, And its

leadered by the president, the MoFA and the MOD of the nation, as
well as the founder of the country, AlejandroMadrid.
2. The NDSID objectives are: collect information about foreign
governments, corporations and individuals; analyze that information
with the other data collected through diplomacy; and provide an
assessment of intelligence for national security, so that the Republic of
Amsterdam properly focus their policies.
3. The NDSID can only be conformed by loyal vRoA Citizens.
4. The NDSID cant give information to other intelligence agency
unless an extreme situation comes over.
5. The NDSID controls the strategic maneuvers of the entire
country, thus, that power must be taken carefully and any disturbance
on the NDSID can result in a member being fired of the Service.
6. Before joining the NDSID, the citizen MUST sign up a loyalty
agreement, if this agreement is broken, the citizen will be banned from
all allied nations of the vRoA and the vRoA Itself.

Article XVIII: National Security Council

1. The National Security Council is made of up the Presidents of all
allied nations, the alliances HQ commander, the President of the vRoA,
the Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs.
2. The NSC is only used in situations of high threat and imminent
destruction as dictated in DEFCON 1 and occasionally DEFCON 2,
depending on the situation.
3. The NSC cannot be expanded to include anyone that is not
already mentioned above.
4. If the President is deemed abusive of his powers, or any other
government official, and are up for impeachment from office, they are
restricted from the NSC until the matters are resolved or Congress
allows them to remain on the NSC until the end of the
investigation/impeachment process.
5. In the event of a PTO, the President and all associated members
are restricted from forums, NSC, and the use of national emergency or
NSC. And the nation goes into DEFCON 4 which is just DEFCON 3 but
altered to deal with PTOs.

Article XIX: High Alert (DEFCON 4)

1. PTO or Power TakeOver its the situation when someone ilegally
takes the control of the Government, the Bank or the Military. This
Can happen when a Traitor/Rouge Citizen Wins the Presidential

elections and His followers wins the Congress elections, having the
entire country at their disposal.
2. In the event of PTO, or the suspicion of PTO, the President is
allowed to declare DEFCON 4.
3. If said PTOers have the support of their government, the
following can be done: an embargo, a declaration of war, or conducting
secret operations.
4. If the country the PTOers are from denounce them and actively
help remove the PTO, no actions will be taken against them
5. PTOers will be removed from the military and any political
parties and will be declared a rogue citizen.
6. In the case of the PTO of the Government (and only the
government) Those who own the Bank will blockeade The financial
status of the nation in order to Prevent the PTO Rebels to steal profit
from our Banks. The banks will Be given to AlejandroMadrid, or the
President before the PTO (Unless he is part of the PTO)