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GROUP TWO: Angelical, Cedrick, Kyle, Sean

A Collaborative Research Proposal that discusses

1. What the topic of your inquiry is
The BMI scale is defective, imprecise and unreliable, and it needs to be modified for
personal use rather than what it currently calculates.
2. What questions are your project trying to answer?

How could we either improve the BMI scale or what could we replace it with?
o Genre: Infographic
How could we depreciate the popularization and significance of the BMI scale?
o Genre: Advertisement


How has BMI changed over the past centuries?

o Genre: Timeline
How can we break down the BMI scale to better understand it?
o Genre: Visual Infographic/Chart


Insurance influence on BMI, and how it is determined. (Who is affected by this?)

o Genre: Infographic
How sugar increases in food is connected to BMI
o Genre: Editorial


How does the inaccuracies of the BMI scale lead to psychological or even physical
How does the inaccuracies affect how we determine a persons overall health?

Textual & Visual Infographic on Statistics

3 What is the rhetorical situation of your general group project?

Our project is geared toward the audience of those in the age range of 18 - 40. This age
range is the most critical when you look at the BMI calculation. Being healthy early on is very
important when you take into consideration later life. In our opinion that BMI scale and form of
calculation is inaccurate. Through research we will explain our reasoning and provided details to
back it up.

4. Which genre is each person of the group doing? How does the genre address the
questions your inquiry is trying to answer?
The first question I will be answering is How could we either improve the BMI scale or
what could we replace it with? To answer this question, I will be exploring the different
possible alterations of the BMI formula, and I will be exploring replacements for BMI in
general. I will be preparing an infographic with the information I find. My second question
is How could we depreciate the popularization and significance of the BMI scale? To
answer this one I will be talking to people about why the BMI scale fails to do its job and
trying to help people use an alternative formula to find out if they are healthy or not. I will
be making a simple advertisement and posting them around campus to raise awareness.
The first question that I will be answering with one genre is, how has the BMI changed
over the past centuries? Many leads and other follow questions can be branched off of
this question. The genre is going to be a detailed timeline of the gradual change in dates
of the body mass index scale. The second genre that I will be doing is a graph or
infographic to visually show how to break down the BMI scale to better understand it. With
detailed color and visuals to relay the message on how to better formulate where the
individual is pinpointed on the scale.
I will be responsible for explaining the influence BMI has to determine insurance in
general. In detail, I will explain who it affects and why. I will create an infographic to
visually get the message across. My second question will answer how sugar increases in
food is connected to the BMI, which will also tie into the health insurance question. I will
be using an editorial to express my opinion on the topic.
My first genre is an infographic that will show varying stats on how BMI can affect
a person mentally and even physically. The second genre is a survey that can collect data
to help determine the psychological effects of the BMI calculation and scale. The survey
will allow us to measure overall health, based on the opinion of the survey user, and
compare it to trends in BMI.

5. Where will it be housed?

The entire project will be put together on a website. The website will be created using
Weebly. Weebly will allow us to create a dynamic website that can include each of our projects.
The website will be published to the internet which means anyone with the link, or anyone who
searches for it, will be able to view our projects. The site will have a tab for each person and will
have sub pages for their projects. The homepage will include information on our overall topic. A
page will be available for works cited.