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al Exams begin tomrro Stl confused about Sphere to go and when? Below is the exam schedule, MT rere Pia Perog Cas 755-555 le Per Beam LUNCH Bit Pees Tuncit Mare Babslaihperede 123-127 SMemPerese 7-217 LuNcHe ara es Nit Sac. | es olidays shine with Parade of Li tina the Wome Ca ia Bryan. "Tosideafor your on dco tins esto go ot nde) some fre ee Trey Tous Wil ofr fours of waning tomes Thurséay thigh Soraya ks re i YELENA ALANA “lng winds, ase Sms ‘eleoringhouse iets and Masking fed nod glen gis bordering the door allt signals Chisras is Mist and the err ied. They ae aaile ob fis ‘This year TCA Cable, KORA come-testserve isis at Randalls c= TXTAM, The Braa(Colege Sion day begining stam Thecosisone sl, Randle Food Marketa, asd cated Too tem per tke. fhelmerrban Foy Sytersypoa- Fee maps tt etre te doco foredibnthanuilPrtdeofLiks rtedandwavngareascevalilent “TeerenorChesindcoring Randals Food Markets ard 0 pr entet was for hemes, bushes, chee neces. lseabbericodswibithedsyiay Cologe Stations Cea Pak is igofBivmorCatege Staion anal alsodecoraudfortbhotiays Adve DaripualsuerecigblforikeGrns thouph tour is open now or pons Pose fan gt out and wk round most of Enes were dee on dive by the Sloys fran up-cloz ook. appeal thene reaiviy.uscafclor, Other ares of own erate for (eal eppestioe use fies, andthe holidays irelade Barret Deve Gesgn gual. Winners were s2- and the Copper nightorood in pouneedyeseriaytendepatres- Bryan ‘na Big ay ph 8 Tn tine age in Sle Belobo, Mary gave bth bay Jos Now te eltate eer yea in honor of Hin, Thiselesion as weal lo, isChriams, But wht te tre meaning of ‘Casta es Stet Cao you Secevey othe pico you go? ithe ay hertt become so cl? s {tthe stption of hn ou go ing to get on Christmas oring? ‘Taney beam othe sbosof theseson, bt theresa much noe. These dys, ar eal tl vat his joys seman fal bout ‘Thre have beans many ngs that uve became anorited il Chit: ts, they sometimes hide the te ‘etng ofthe okay. Chinas i the special Sine of the yar tne forthe whole worl “Ths sexsonbings together fiends td fal to put problems ace and come closer ts thetin ofthe yesr ‘thenanes alge conte tee tnd decorate to get the Bossy "Chrismas nine whenyoo con get your uly aa ents, ard take soe tne to your senior Shas aly sui Funland ends are notte cy tng hat come with Chinas. Tired of all that shopp some old favorites atthe video stor thase cold nights aheat Look Who's Talking abou...Santa Christmas CO's get into the spirit er ins Chirac strasono be “The Norseman Editorial Board HRA DAYTON Sire, Sani ext Sure tarda tran who [costes Gr chins ablnkingos).Andsure hfs fom hours | Iotowse squccing his biter bay dv chinese | Anduurehedciversprsetstocvenon fsofchars, ro sings tached Pistol igh ny render (oshdng he bnking rant) would nat be abletoplls one fon msn crs the jor in 24 ours. To broterting.howeanbe downhintey? Thes Sintmowyhecouldcram Hisfuaetidownone And or ofpeople dont even renee ‘Who fas ever heard of someone sng pe Sent wih no sings teced?Onseah youtae tobe good, bt how isa traintteNonhPoleever fring to find ot hat you Broke your curfew? Get real peopl. ae ime vhat Ivan? ‘And tow come ness ety stopped copay Brielle pet fov Jeno? I snhing bes & Geapsate pig (be tte my cookie and Be ised of the eke in the fide). Tm wlng fo bet tha this whole Santa busines started beeate some pene ted Yo ev down 3 ‘Sinney and got suc. nal th yes hat ths Sota ‘Mnghas been around, yoink tat the ple would |_| fave an APD out only cl mn who ss down |_| hineyein search of people to pene on | |S Astor theigt jngsinder Ican sm that up in about four simple wore dor thnk so. Yeoh, Sata Sprinkles ts magi ying ponder and POOF! Alt of adden weve got sigh Bing pled by eit ying | Site. Tanda bout Mis. Clas Trey eh wats herfusbund ogo rang sound Fomoure to fours, pervingoneveryody gues coulda) yesh, tat Sena | | Sime Yehterévtttmanwhorderarundingh Sr delivers presets. eth ahand reindnrmiht 4. _ central hested homes, somewhere out there, some eid I siting. wishing Santa wouldstopand gvethemanice arm place to et and sleep "Tis the season tobe ly, bt his shad when you dont have home to Jealyourown orfoodin your bly. or even ors, you dont have much 0 ok fo on Castmas exept forthe augher of other kde plying ith hi Chrismas tos an aging tout ay cynTHia Tt Santa Cis exis, Yes, be does Tow tat he oes, tesa [just know. {have alvays known tat Sania exits, because be jo DOES, oa? TedoesntevenmaterfSantaierelocqot andi isnt t dosnt mater who thovehe him up. What tiferencedoesit make? This¢ long uadlon that isa realy stat oe, asfaras Tam concerned, beeauseT got {ieeo out ofits year. And no materbow stupiit ishowmanyofyouSurts doubters xt here would ‘erwin tortura al of thote goodie you have _gathred over the years T dont kaos wht the point ofthe whle Santa debates anyvay Teun, ‘Santa est Boease bo ives you presents I doesnt maser HOW he fBves presents i dost alter WHY hepivespre- ents, Itdoesnt even t= terwhatpresentsheaives, What mates is, he is generous being tat ves fetta andl steno eae Son to question his est nce. Tris just looking © {28 mani he mouth, so to speak ‘Sint exsts Deease he ‘svesstuTto people. And theproofoftats alot of ‘esillget tll steve IF he just happens to ide with supersonic spead reindeer allover the word Icerany dont are Asiong ashe {els tome, (hich he miraculously does, every yea) fee o ned to questions mode of tanoportion. IF syoubadall yearto plan, you could figure outhow eget {ght reindeer around the world in one nih, oo. Have sou everbeen tothe North Poe? If not, how ean you esure tht there so such thing a fying reindeer? Ifthe gt the presents ere, why does it matter? So, the mora ofthis col i. Sata certinly ss. Throw itand you know it. MAYDE'tsa lite fhc‘tched tht one fat man can make i around th wordt every ite boy and gi and give them aso presents But hey, how much dos the lepsis ofthe rmythmater anyway? Teisanice story, and nce things Happen because oft, 2 sk vp ant est PRE- TEND that you believe Chriss saotmocefunthat vay, Besides he ealy does exit! fs pnolidays should be time of caring, sharing theirnew clothes (Christmastime of sharing. bt ‘we a oo bay tending to our basi es and having fo ad we forget, tout the lee fortunate. Well, tis Chrismas willbe aot eileen, not only for, bat the people who are down on their hick. This dost n= ‘ude the people wh itonthe comer {rang their Kds Nintendo's for ileal _xbsanexs orth people whn st round {nd drink themelves into = coma Trmesn who gave these people the Fightomarchint thei oomand DY JAMEE BOUTEL- ‘LESLIE ALBRECHT Ts terete tings ONE UP do to you. Take Chistmas for ex ample Whea youarelitle Santa Claus ‘eal exits, and you wakeup st our in the moring jst 19 make sure he ‘Then, somehow, things begin 10 change. Some people ay its geting Pesos mata Eae, Weave IS ‘Wonder itis geting oder stutisre- tly worth i hen takes ay the ‘age and leaves you with ony re Sponsties. {As you grow up, you dissover noting vertu oat the ways bt Up to be, A good example is high ‘When you were inthe sihor sev- ‘nth grade you read books that made High schoo sound s ges (gl member thote Sweet Valey High books?) Wel, suprise of surprises ‘When we wore le, we thought Bryan High was postively massive Ad, the people who weatthere~hey sets jus ool, Nowe suddenly, hee ‘wearelScay thous. ‘We dont fl old at ll We dont fee eady to take the SAT and write Jaerstocalleges is strange oak that sevior fends we Rave now il be gone and that we ll be seniors es year Isha tobeeve that what ar boen curves for else yeare il beoverinone and hall is excting to think about moving away and go- ingto college, but ties very sary st the same ime Tes fino st and look bac tall, the memories fom elementary school tndremembe allt pia things we sed to do It's funny, eta ite sad to remember the peop we used tobe fiends with Now we erly even ale to people who were our best fends insich grade Then itseemed we had somichincommon but now wehsve gone our separate ways. ts amazing to see how much pope ave changed, and how mich things ive changed. Sometimes we oat want things to change but at ter times we wih they would ry ake thei Nintendo or event At= Jordans just get quick high? WE THINK NOTH ‘Butons moreseriousnots people need to think tice befoe stepping ‘overthatold bum siting onthecore, nd pot yousifa hs shoes and thik how you wouldfelonChritmasEve, sien people ae walking by with es fon their faces, and presents under- neath thir arms ‘Stop andlisento him and shares few Chsias wishes, to less fi ‘shear with some hope We are excited about the future...I guess. aren't we? up. Thats how le i, though Sometimes we want £0 g0 to ‘Ateka for college anda otter tines wwe want to go to ARM. This indeiivess makes sound ke ite ide Maybe that's because we sillare lil kis People are alway asking what we want tobe or what We want to major in We fel kets, bt we bave to fy, we honesty dont know TEs not that we dont ce, or that we havent ‘ought about i Tes just tht our ‘wholeives,prersand eachershave been the ones giving advice, making trues end watching over us Soon tha ial vaih, and we wlbe ven the opportunity to make decisions ‘more import tan any weve ever frade-desions tht will determine the rest of ur ves “The fire, what scary thoveht ‘We sl fel like we are seve, how can we be seen? Maybe we dont feel twelve, but we just dont fel any older han we did in eit grade 'A fiend weed eighteen todsy That means sh is legally an adult. An dull She wil be graduating and fae moving away. ssa 1 rele {a things wi never bethe sane Tere sl be no more singing heft som loud as we can, oF spending hours tring to glue bbons on a Sadie Weare not saying we wast say in igh school forever (one year of heist wat enough, we uit dont ant to lave so quickly. Pople a- Way sy these are the best years of tur lives If thse are the bes year, wre cerainly dost want them to be But we know it doesn do eny 00d 0 del in our memories not vein the preset Thete is 80 much oie sil to experience and 0 mary 00d things yet to coms This corn as supposed to be shout Christmas We Kind of got off ‘hesubject But thas okay, at? A tera, Chistmasisa good timetoap- presinteallthat you Rive nom remen- be the good times ofthe past, and Took forard tothe exitement ofthe fire ENORSEMAN Commercialization kills holiday spirit Ofcourse, hasan overstatement. There ae stl people who can see ‘through ll the ype and fal the real ‘sisiofChesimay but here ate also Jotofpeoplewho only exjothemoney it brings in Th this day and age isnot tal surprising that commeeiaization su fords Chrstnasandever other. (ay a5 well Advertsing schemes and Brot nnges we part of or él But esonomie benefits are not econpained about Inths season of ve fi Christmas ress and candle light Christmas church services we toremembertherel mearingof hist Fra but tov feniatyigtndo9o, we only sueceed inputting downthe terization ofthe hold No one ges anyvhere by com- ining, and aggressveenepteneu Ship is part of the American way. T Personally cant stad howe commer: ‘alized Christmas has become, but sltoreaizetht the commertal zation will never disappear. Tamjust doing my aria keping te tne spr of Cras by hoping that my holiday pnt wil ae some ‘onesomewhereandbing somes of ‘special joy it iso er ie ‘Wouldnt the world be beter placeifeverone whores hie id the fs something think abot in BY SARAH ENGLER om =a as =. ees ee Saat Paes cs eee een pee Beers a | _ Apparent, these stores were a ready nto the spit of Castnas even before Halloween, But dig litle | deeper, Thesestorsarertrealyfs- ingthe opi of Christmas, theyre just Hooking forward tothe profi the sea- this season that has beam one oFrat son bones ony giving and merriment but lio of fe and mone, ‘Tha Norseman ieprosicoty be Juma latches ofan High Sebo, 3801 East 25 Bran, TX 77802 Opin eres rte station of Biya Hah Schal r he Bya nspent Scho! Duct. The Norseman ia member of the Unverty Intech League rts Cofeence. Ltrs fo he oor ae weld abd must be sian. The Norseman seme the nah et ters for lity an ength Levers ing ascent rele mater wil te considered for pt. Te Nowa itn! Bordis congo of he Edtorn-Chet an the sat STAFF Edtorin-hiet [Areocate Etre Franko Gabriel ‘Sharla Crain & Tara Dayton Reporters Lea Albrecht, lens Amar, James Goutal, Saran Engle, Tilany Hare, Karmen Hawking Chis Hoton, Becky Kapes, Becky MeWillams, Lone Pitman, Rachel Sieger, Molsa Sogo, & Cynthia Smith Adve. Sandy Faris living tp with my father and 0 other ‘rangers seior Melisa Slagle si ‘Ae other students reals going toave a notsoorinay Christmas "Weregoinga Colorado fo ski," junior Becky ‘apes Somerweny Johan, asophomare isaingtoL ae Vegas. Paula Heb, vor, will be soing tothe French Quarter in New ‘riers wheresomenfherrltvesive ‘MarolWisenanahesophomere il bepoing carpingandsieeeing ithe Grind Canyon, Many other students re ening to vistfamly. SopbomoreMat Prescott willbe vistinghisfamiyinNew Jersey ong vertvyenesandiveChiit- ‘masters pageants and Chrismas. “ThisChrstmas,ourchurch[ San ‘narjofPrase shnvngaformal Cis ‘masbanquet anda hayride," sid Amy Ramirez senor Other susentsredeingmoreiner- ‘inghings-maybeevenonthe bare Sid for Christa, thats Friends, gifts, Santa spread holiday cheer Family traditions important Fanily uations are an important part of any holy. Many of thse ‘tations say withinthehome bt for someitimelvesheping a oul sanger *Webuy gis fora chilé hat has parent in prison though the Angel Tree progam tiny church” aid Say Fars, jouraisn teacher “Eventhough Chsimas ie atineso be jolly, some people stnays find & vmaytobea ypicl Scrooge MP thse Chriss sould be banned- bur oter tan that, yah Ive sot ations. Theat up a TV. cnner {nd Tick onthe TV. and watch any thing but Chistmsd shows.” senor serooge Tara Dayton sd “Tomeatio the controversial u- Jecton whether Sara Cau rely ests ‘recent survey bald by an anonymous _r0up sates that $184 of Bryan igh Students surveyed dont bseve in Seta ‘le 47% 9they do believein Santa. ‘The remaining 296 3) they have no ‘en who Santa Clas in ‘With an inereasng bet in Santa this year a word of advice is: Dont leave your fire gong al night beemze short fa guy ina ro sit might Aecdeto go down your chrney. The ‘word around towns tht Sant Claus {5 making a comeback this yar 30 dont forget oinciode Sama with the fest of your fay trations his year BY CHRIS HELTON Teta in oft yx aan ringing odor pting taey decors on = ih of ve comes FemiyTradtone Whee ingests on anon orang inthe slings by thecinay wth cat al ies fave some So | Gin a hy yi gt tld stor Some people one year taining Crises os tndjuabeng oly ie ay afer Tanking we econ ee td py Chinas pesiineetenet tee ae vis Besos he nel on on, and my fom lyse te pave Sener Sey Watson or others bag wih retes ads nought he “Eveqone ste asin tebe Pisetetetge pertienctey itg: mor Landi Pitman sa er ot isch be onl wiht eng on 3d Peres bere sa« Bsa ndhomerass cose “When atte roldsy op Inesalingfor Sato some: jtoe Bey Nee HYPE undertakes community project ume Heri ae a eer Bence crc Geeta: eee ien ciigtnacenar et Fase) acs pe eictedsirese carats acca Seidioncnen, Regis: ge eee ipa vce cos. a eeeeteg tee akc ns ret that thi ind of behavior not azceted adits! col, ent Lindy Halla HYPE has only ben in existence few years. It was originated at BiyanHligh HYPE snow working on ‘Shane Sma, juror, wlbetrve- ‘ngioMabal. Teas whey Minos wilvsteelaesnNcbipn, "Wespeed Crisimain Galveston why Bad hengot Snook wih yes iy sd assant pep ‘WI Sennett. This Chisinas wllasobesriqucone ‘Brsomepecple Tey Has, senior, willbe ving avery indepen dentChismas My sitersand Iitbegoingtovstour father in Vera, TX Andtbe donated ingalbymysall" Haris Some dents have decsontomake Chris Helton has to hoosebereenthelivensnityssenest StJoseps of Hawai with sster Eventhough many students are ctoosngsbizare Tresingto Papin New Guinea eanhunt down four ‘oak elessd pla dotting id SeniorTarDavon oterearjstsy inguthowe. Afow exapleoftefiay ‘ypssireTeeiyLalyand Seana setiors “Tmasaabome, commented a Fr BY MELISSA SLacue ery Christmas, people always seem to recsve that lg yucky ft ke fromarclatveor end. Hereare Sonic ideas opting that fitesketo ‘90d ureandto ken frm having 1. Seve ito your in-laws an laugh when they compl rex you onit 19, Chop it up and feed it to the lag backing dog doven the street, 18. Put chuks oft ina ag, tie a bow sound it tnd passt of aa spice 17 Useittoreplace that one Trick ha ben 16. Gets round one, te a 8 toitand gestion A ™ guard ose a i te preserve 6. Getto your se Rees for sour ft 14, Useitas abookend 15. Painet brown and set to nth grader as canytar 12. Save for next yea itaway to some unsuspecting 11. Gettwo, tie strings to them sc presto! Clogs 10. Throw iin your fre nd ust for kindlewood, DK fo the moved ryearoldbatisstila trimasmove lou seen Home Alone ell Evenfyouhaveseenthe shy potsesitagia? Home really: raves, yucky present, ‘wsanty. The movie is sbout 2 boy ‘sed Ralph ands crazy fay and ‘lends. Hehasawhinylitlebrotier, an ‘yecbearing dad andamotherwho ies | ioholdthewholefimiytogether. ea Ralph during the Christmas season. He ‘eetsamean fake Santa, heis talked by thetownbully,hegetssome wanted | sodunvanted Chrstmaspresents, nd ‘savery unique Christmas dinner. Thisis a great move, and if you shaven senit=youhaveto. Ifyouve _sesnit-watcitagain Youtlberoling ‘inthesisles, Bute careful or “youll, shootyoureyeout” AND CECE WINANS thilatetabumasa follow upto actalbum AddictiveLove, hick plains, Tnsurethiswilanjustas The album features many original hrisumas favorites ke "ingle Bel iver Bel, chtheyhavoredone.Italsoincludes ‘emixoftiesong, “Oot Child” which Mom and Pop Winans. First as also includes brand new istas songs lke "For Unto Us A \dlsBom”whichitalsorecordedon ‘Young Messiah album, "AllBe- FirstNoel, "andl Need /ASta." Altogethertisavery good Tesucceedsingetingyou inthe spiritand fllofholiday spirit. Becky MeWillams It’s a Wonderful Life (Seenyieterael eerie? Sears depvedintier ete ieteepeet sega: atngaitl Bra it sjusonecfthosetings-he Sania Ciausor stockings Thats whyitprob- aby isnt necessary 0 go into much etlaboutit Akhough musta ‘angetaltlestaleifwatchedtoomany| times its actually prety goodforanol| blackand whitemovie, esa Wonderful Lites not just, yourypialChrsirasmoviabouthow | Some litle Kid saved Chistnas from beingruned forever Ithasarealpoint, snd teaches a lesson about if that 00d for anytime ofthe year. Incase you teclueless asta what Imtaking shout thismoveisthestoryefhowene ‘man comes to realize the importance ‘masjstwouletbe Christmas without they grease him up and die him on dow BrandiCoffman, sophomore. "Gocsitvouphthe doggie door "Linda Joyal, junior “Thats wher site eves comein* Kristi 1aasjunior "Rudolphstandsonhisheadandjumps oven unl Senta goes down, Jamie Ranssey, sophomore. ‘Andre Saenz sophomore. ingcompact and goon down ctimnes"LaNel Wright, sophomore ala i, he doesnt go down the and vilueofhisifeItisanesampleof how much diference just one person] make sometimes wthoutevenrea inte Leslie Albrec ‘Te Muppets etree Carol Weveaethenerciarary| a crazyadventures andnowtheytedoing theron of CacesDickers Ci sae Gale ho acethcse peace, “Muppetsofcourse ‘Thewholegang Kermit MisPiwy, Fozzy, Gonzo, andaltherest, shoe up for the Christmas classic. Th ene moviestickstothebasicDiskens story ‘except with the Muppets zany humar ands. ‘The show acquaint viewers with Ehenezer Scrooge, a greedy old bus- Breaksintoawindow*LaticiaAyeos, ‘essmarn, who on ChistmasEveisvis- ited by three ghosts who change his pereetionofife. Frankie Gabriel MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROLS. THE MUPPETS. am personally a big fen of the Muppets, but even you'te not, youll lovethisaloum. The Muppetssngthore classic Christmas Carolsandthrowina litle bit ofeomedy along the way.John Denver addshsawesomesetofpipesto the album and all he voices combine realy wel Onegrestsongis“TheTwelveDays of Christmas" Everyonchasapartinit and Miss Piggy adds her craziness in Some especially funny lines. All ofthe songsar relly g004. Singing alongs strongly encouraged. Iivethisabuma anim Becky Kopes CHRISTMAS INTERPRETATIONS BOYZ MEN oye I Men defintely gtinto the spirtfthings withthe album, Chest- mas Interpretations Kiseompsse of songsthat they wroteand co-produced "Takesa deepbreathandsdes down" Brandon Dickson senor. ‘tha litle el from Bran McKnight Mostofthesongsareslow andmany are ballads, makingthistheperfectalbumto snuggle ownen cory eveingby the fireplacewithalovedone Twoofthesongsontbeabur, "ti Snow" an SientNiht"werenot writen by Boyz I Men, but have been reat- angeinomoreconteporaryhythms thataddodtheBoyzlIMentouch” These ‘woare personal fivoritrofine long with "Do They Know’ and "Youre not Alone ‘Theslbur, Chests Interpreta- isaverygoodalbunthatissureto becomeanalltime fivorie of the Chi smasseasonItwillurey your spirits nd makeyouthankflfralithst youve beenblesed with Tiffany Haris LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH. VINE citt VinceCiluseshisbeatifulvoieto convey themagicofthemisicof Cis snas in hie album, Le There Be Pence “He doesot go down the chimney be ‘autehesnotrea "Jock Davis junior. Hes anorexic a month before Chri mas" Mary Clark junior. Onkarth ‘Theaburconsinsafewtaditona (Cuistmas songs suchas Do You Hear What ese” and*What Childs Tis?” ‘Thearangementsredfeentenoughto hold youratetion yest quiteeasyto singalong ith Gilalsosingsarumberofes fai iarsongtike"OneBiriht Star,‘ per iteand "Let ThereBe Peace *aduetwithJenny Gil, Bot sol Onan songs aregorgeous ndbeautilyius texlethehopethattheoldeysbring The album only consis oe sng This Year Wont Bethe Same writen inmemoryafhisbig brother. If, t00, is wonderful and is Be Peace On Earth could possibly thebest Christmas lbumt veeverhead Tien musta roloves thebeautifalmacof Chistnas. Sarah Engler Emily Funkhouser, sophomore and Dorothy Seamardo, unio. Pegay White, counselor Lester Banks, security monitor Debbie Richards, science teacher] “Tobe and nishedwithighscool*| Stephanie Withers, senor phomore Yestal Paul sophomore JefTJordan senior | rot Teguatienot | e il

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