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How Child Labor Affect the World:

Why this Issue is Very Important for me as Citizen of the World.
Abou Berete
Salt Lake Community College


"When the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was passed in 1938, it
addressed three major issues: Specifically, minimum wage, overtime, and
child labor. We read many articles on the first two subjects. But child labor is
almost a taboo subject. Some industries, such as restaurants, retail, and
agriculture (to name a few), make significant use of child labor. Any time any
employer hires someone younger than 18 years old, even for short periods of
time, there are federal and state child labor laws to be considered. And there
are also some limited exceptions in the minimum wage rules affecting
employees older than 18. Child labor is restricted, meaning legal under
certain circumstances. The rules are also very complicated, with significant
exceptions and often very arcane. Child labor law is both federal and state."
(Payroll Practitioner's Monthly) This article examines the rules of the Fair
Labor Standards Act, in particular, the child labor laws and how they are
regulated by age group and job category, thats here in United State we can
talk about law

but in certain part of the world such as Pakistan, Syria,

Afghanistan and Africa ( to name a few) child is an option for family in need
to provide much income in order to survive.


How child labor affect the world:

Why this issue is very important for me as citizen of the world.
As I was growing up in Africa, my unforgettable experience that still
reflect my mind was the job we had to do everyday after school, for some of
my friend, they didnt have chance to go school because they was nobody to
support them, instead they had to work to support their families some of
them end up getting married very early, and today they are even more poor
more their previews parent, thats all because the early hard work they had
to do. They is not law to protect those children but since the government is
corrupt and the rich people and the government workers employ those
defenseless children and take advantage of them in so many way.
I even thought it was only in Africa but since I moved in the United
State, I still see that same practice in the advanced and developed form, that
motive me to speak up for those innocent children, my voice might not reach
everyone today but I believe it will in the future, the world adult will take
their responsibilities not to invent child unless their willing to support them.


I believe that child labor is alarming issue that should not be tolerated.
In any form. Its a major issue in the developing world, can be defined as
work performed by a child under age 18 and that is hazardous or harmful to
his or her health and development and likely interferes with his or her
education. According to the United Nations international childrens fund
(UNICEF), approximately 150 million of the worlds children aged five to
fourteen years old are engaged in child labor. Opponent of child labor argue
that denying children their civil right to a full-time education by forcing them
to work only serves to perpetuate the circle of poverty.
Supporters of children working agree that the exploitation of children is
wrong but respond that in some case, children are forced to work out of
necessity and provide their families with much need income, they also
believe that child labor is an option for families in economic need. I
personally agree that they is an economic need in much families but that is
not an excuse to put the children at work. Many people say that they dont
any other option instead putting their children at work in order to get much
income. However the children are helpless, hopeless and defenseless
against those practices, the world should come together as one to restitute
their right so they can go to school or to have a carrier in their future and
also that will help the world to fight against the poverty. November 20 is


universal childrens day, a day devoted to observing the welfare of the

worlds children. Unfortunately, in the U.S and elsewhere, children are still
denied fundamental human rights. Children worldwide suffer from corporal
punishment in homes and schools, are denied access to schooling, are
forced to join violent militias, and a endure a host of other atrocities that
clearly violate the convention on the human right of the child ( CRC ) and
other international human right treaties. We need to end the child labor but
how? As the global slavery index 2014 announced that India and Pakistan
alone account for 45% of total global enslaved population and have the
highest prevalence of modern slavery in Asia. I grew up in guinea where, in
every middle class household, theres at least one live in, a maid or working
girl often with one or two of young children serving the family. They works
from morning until night, sometimes just for food scraps and basic lodging.
Ivory Coast cocoa industry involves 3.5 million workers, and the
country exports around 35% percent of the worlds cocoa beans. Across the
Atlantic, US consumers play
Important role in holding businesses accountable for abuses in their supply
Later this summer, the expansion of Warner Bros Wizarding world of
harry potter, a population theme park in Orlando, Florida, will give
consumers a new opportunity to show suppliers they wont stand for
products tainted by modern-day slavery (GLOBALPOST) the authors contend
that consumers should be mindful of their power of choice and reject


brands like Warner Bros. who ignore protocol designed to end child labor in
cocoa bean production.

Conclusion: how the child labor affect the world.

After all my researches and reading more topic on the subject, I believe that
child labor is a big issues that need to be address and still the world ignore it.
In fact we if the hold world and the United Nation want to end the poverty
and famine, first of all they need fight against the child labor and punish it
practitioners (jail time) we cant denied the cause and the problem and go
trait the solution.



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