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Camila Zepeda Restrepo 8-B

Professor: Gavin Hill


Economy is the science that study how the individuals or the society manage the
resources; the few resources they have to satisfy the needs the few needs they have
the resources to satisfy ?. The resources can be distribute in different things areas?, for
example production of goods, services, consumption, whether in in the present or in the
future and that depends on type of people or society. The economy is based in the
organizational interpretation and generalization of the facts.

The economy covers many things for society and their own consumption, for example
the livestock, or the income that provides the importations or the exportations. The
economy can also cover the ecology partly this is because the nature or the ecology
province most of the resources that the society needs. An example is the petroleum
or? and If you can see the this service is one of the most important for the society and
the economy, because this source is one of the most expensive. That's why the ecology
is one of the most importants incomes of the economy even though the society don't
believe that. The Economy is not only the money the consumption of society that is
make in the daily life but it is also is how we affect the ecology because the incomes
that this gives to generates for the economy thing it's very big (very big is fine, but try
and use more academic vocab huge, massive, etc). This is because from the ecology
we received many things, for example the food, livestock, petroleum etc. So tu summary
this the idea of? economy is more or less based on the ecology.
The reason why I choose to look at the relationship between the ecology and economy
in the question is that it asks says what covers the economy. This is because we do not
what forms for say it like that the economy and as I already say the ecology provides
most of the things that forms the ecology. My opinion from this is that we really need to
know how the economy is for, because even though are the ecology we don't even take
care of that. That is the reason why the economy of many countries is very bad because
we don't take care of any resource that economy provides and the uses that the society
gave is only for the excessive consumption or wasting of the things that are In a good
state. So we need to know how economy is managed.

Ok, you have some nice ideas here, I like the way that you are stressing the importance
of the connection between ecology and economy, because you are right, especially in
developing countries, that the greatest factor is related to what they have.
You have a few sentences in green, where I couldnt quite work out what you mean?
You have some problems with word conjugation and choice in blue. Inappropriate lexis
in purple and things you should not be using (remove them) in red.
You need to revise when and where we use determiners (a, an, the) and when we dont
use them (before umbrella terms=NO before specific unique examples=YES). You
also seem to be having problems with prepositions.
Task Response

fully addresses all parts of the task
presents a fully developed position in
answer to the question with relevant,
extended and well supported ideas

Coherence and

uses cohesion in such a way that it

attracts no attention
skilfully manages paragraphing
uses a wide range of vocabulary
with very natural and
sophisticated control of lexical
features; rare minor errors occur
only as slips

Lexical Resource

Range and


Capitalization and

uses a wide range of structures with

full flexibility and accuracy; rare minor
errors occur only as slips
Emails have name, class, and title in
subject line.
Essay has a title, name, and class.
Other formatting guidelines are
Student uses paragraph structures.
Forming them correctly based around
Student uses both competently and

barely responds to the
does not express a
may attempt to
present one or two
but there is no
has very little control
of organizational
uses an extremely
limited range
of vocabulary;
essentially no
control of word
formation and/or
cannot use sentence
forms except in
memorized phrases
Student fails to use











Student fails to use

any form.

Student fails to use

doesnt use sentence