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Isaiah Rainey
Professor Dagher
UWRT 1102
4 May 2015
Final Reflection
It is hard to determine where I have grown in this course. I think it is due to a lack
of repetitive assignments. For example in previous University Writing courses I was
assigned three papers throughout the semester. Upon return of each paper I was able to
see my growth because my grade had improved on each assignment. However this course
is structured differently in that nothing is repeated. For this reason I will focus on
assignments I had trouble with during this semester.
One assignment that gave me trouble was the worldview assignment. This
assignment required me to produce a specific worldview. The assignment also tasked me
to develop my view on the world given certain scenarios. Then I was to specify what
exactly my view was. I successfully stated that I was open-minded. However what I
failed to do was elaborate on why I felt this way. In order to elaborate on my view I could
have stated specific reasons for my open-mindedness. I could have even provided reasons
why I was not close-minded.
This semester I learned how to conduct research. I learned how to dig deeper, and
to always make sure my sources are credible. These lessons are key to making sure I am
conducting proper research but they are also essential into finding the right answers,
being in or out of the classroom setting. I find these lessons useful for the remainder of
my education at UNCC because being that I am an exercise science major and I will be

required to dig deeper in current exercise practices to discover what works, what does
not, and how to improve exercise practices of today.
One thing that I wish I were able to learn more about this semester was additional
information on my inquiry. I do believe that I found some good things, however I am well
aware that I have just scraped the surface of military affects on the family. I would have
liked to discover more things such as statistics regarding divorce rate, domestic violence,
suicide rates, and statistics that show post-secondary education in military children. I
believe that if had not taken this course along side more challenging courses than I would
have been able to look into some above the said topics.
To conclude my reflection I would like to discuss the grade that I would give my
self for my performance in this course. I think that I have earned a B. I think that my
work was well prepared and put together creatively. Despite having some work late and
docked for it being so, my other work was not. It was turned in on time and met the
assignment requirements.