A survey was done about twenty years ago which was published in book form called, The Day

Americans told the Truth. Some Random Excerpts 1. Only 13 percent still believed in all the ten commandments. 2. Nine out of ten LIED REGULARLY. For example, 86 percent lied to a parent regularly. 3. Almost one third of married Americans had had an affair. 4. For $10 million dollars 7 PERCENT WOULD KILL A STRANGER. 5. One in five women claimed they had been date raped. 6. Again for $10 million dollars, 25 percent would leave their families and 16 percent would renounce their American citizenship. 7. 45 percent of Americans who leave their spouses gave as a reason that their spouse does not make enough money. Religion, in America at least, is mostly hypocrisy. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that, for most Americans, it is simply a bad habit and certainly NOT a "social gathering to express those beliefs that are sacred."

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