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Nick Drake

Prof Dagher
UWRT 1102
28 April 2015
Extended Inquiry Project Reflection
1. Your Idea.
My original idea was to center my entire inquiry around racing. The original idea
was to base it around the talent vs money aspect of the sport. However I
couldnt configure it into a specific question, it was always for of a statement
based analysis. I broadened my study from the idea of sponsorship backing in
racing to the effecting of advertising in all of sports. Growing up became more
and more aware of the take over in advertising in sports. This led me to my final
inquiry question proposal oh Has advertising completely taken over the sports
2. Your research.
Our first source was a required peer reviewed text source from the online library.
I stayed local to my knowledge in the sport of racing and found one based
around the politics of advertising and sponsorships in nascar. IT brought up
points such as how more people were fans of the logos on the hood and not of
the actual drivers. A lot of my sources led me to blanks that didnt really follow
along with any inquiry questions. Most were random facts or statistics. A lot of
my credible sources were known companys such as forbes as well as some
university studies.
3. The effect of research on the direction of your paper
I wanted the center of my research to be based around racing to find discoveries
about the topic that were new to me. However most sources related to various
areas of other sports that I only had basic knowledge of. This encouraged me to
broaden my research a lot. It took me into new ideas that I had no idea about
certain aspects of the individual sports. This balanced my research throughout
the inquiry and I feel like I didnt focus too much on one area which was the right
direction for my paper.
4. The writing of your essay.
This wasnt necessarily a challenging essay to write. Being able to write upon a
topic that you are actually interested in makes it a lot easier. I couldnt
incorporate my own ideas fairly well given that Ive had personal experience in
some aspects of the inquiry. Upon completion I was relieved that it was finally
over lol. But in the end it was satisfying knowing that I challenged myself to go
beyond my prior knowledge and develop 6 pages of information I had no
expertise in. It was cool to see how my knowledge in racing could relate to other
aspects of advertising in the sports industry.

5. Your life as a researcher.

This was the first time ive ever had to use an actual book source. It was also the
first time I had to create a prezi. I found the prezi of the sources to actually be
really cool. I really enjoyed the interaction and how it leads the audience as well
as myself through the inquiry process and how each source led to the next.
6. Your life as a learner.
I learned the importance of relying on credible sources. I know ive always been
interested in different aspects of different ideas but to actually dig deep into
areas I was unfamiliar with was very interesting. Everything I learned about the
different areas of the sports industry was well worth my time in the end.