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Isiah Yazzie

Prof. Diaz
SLO Letter
American politics still participate in sexism today. The is a growing trending because
males politics have generalized female politics as housewife material. Females are said to be
emotion and unable to handle stressful and intense situations. This is force onto females. Females
are better at multitasking and hearing all the facts before making a decision. Having females in
political office will help with solutions to todays most important issues. For example, a female
politician will have more impact on her stance of abortion than a male.
Not too many Americans notice this trend that is happening today. I am writing this paper
to people of all background, race, age, and sex. I want to inform all people about this awful
discrimination act that is taking place today. I am also writing for the younger generation so they
are informed and can continue to work on stopping sexism in politics.
I want to address this problem because once we fix it the more diverse American politics
will be. Diversity helps bring in people with different backgrounds. Having all these background
will help bring solutions to the problems American faces. I made this choice because my aunt is a
senator for NM and she has told me about examples of sexism in local politics. As a male I know
I have more privileges than a female and I dont think that is right; I dont get harassed daily
because of my sex. I want people to know that is wrong and we all need to love and give each
other joy. I believe once we have females in office we will solve problems in todays society.
Can you focus on my grammar. I would also really like information on how to write
better papers.

Isiah Yazzie
English 101
Prof. Diaz

Female politicians
Todays U.S. government officials and political parties still participate in sexism. Being a
female is a disadvantage when running and hold political positions in todays political system.
Male incumbents run and get reelected while females get discarded. The stereotype of a
housewife still exist in todays politics. Female politicians are qualified and just as educated as
male politicians, but are still not getting elected. As Americans we need to start electing female
politicians; male politicians need to stop discounting females politicians before giving them a
fair and equal opportunity to run for office.
Incumbent politicians get reelected more often than females who run for the same
position. When the vast majority of incumbents are men, as is the case in most national
legislatures, incumbency emerges as a male advantage that could hinder the election of women.
Because of this, females are afraid to run for political office because of judgment or females
politicians are falsely convinced that they she cant win political office.
Women who challenge incumbents are not any more likely to win (or lose) than men
who challenge incumbents. In fact, female House incumbents do slightly better; their overall
reelection rate is 95.8 percent compared to 94.5 percent for men. (Palmer, Simon, Breaking the
Political Glass Ceiling: Women and Congressional Elections.)

The United States of America has been an independent country since July 4, 1776. As a
democratic nation, political officials depend on American citizens to elect them into office. Since
1776, citizens of America have been voting for political leaders for various legislative seats. As a
young country, we have 83 females in the House of Representatives, and 20 in the Senate. We
are currently 79th in the world for female political participation. For the last 60 years, females

politicians have grown in the House, but still arent at the numbers they should be for a free,
democratic country. Countries from around the world have female political officials, while others
have absolutely no females in political positions. However, most countries lag far behind
Sweden and some, Kuwait for example, have no women in their assemblies (IPU, 2003.) As a
free country we should have more female politicians in political positions. Less than 20 percent
of The House of Representatives is female.
When vast majority of incumbents are men, as is the case in most national legistaltures,
incumbency emerges as a male advantage that could hinder the election of women. (SchwindtBayer, Leslie. The incumbency disadvantage and womens election to legislative office. 2004)
Media today has generalized females into the category of a the clich housewife. A
housewives main job is to care for her family and is generally not employed. America has been a
very conservative nation throughout its history, which leads people to believe this statues quo
given to women by men. Female officials are considered second to men in todays society, so
that when a female runs for a political position she doesnt receive the same amount of coverage
as a male. This occurs because most males holding power dont want people supporting a female
politician. For example, Hilary Clinton was asked if she could be president with her current
grandchild recently being born. Not a single person asked Mitt Romney if he could be president
with his five children and his twenty grandchildren. Guys and girls need to start voting for
female politicians to help stop the discrimination that takes place in politics today.
Sarah Palin was a household name when she ran as John McCains Vice President in
2008. Instantly, Sarah Palin was named one of the hottest women in 2008. She was connecting to
female voters through sexualized television media. She was on makeup commercials, Saturday
Night Live and she even had her own TV show. Female politicians shouldnt be sexualized in

order to win an election. Females make up half of our U.S. population, which should help female
officials get elected. Females are equally if not smarted than men, and usually make wise
decisions that benefit everybody.
Limitations are set on females because men run the political system in America. Society
tells us that males have to be in charge of the modern household. Having this mentally as a
country sets us back fifty years. Males are generally better at handling stressful and last minute
decisions. Females politicians are better at multitasking and what to know all the facts before
making a decision. Society says that females come second to men and that they arent as smart as
men, this unfair process stops females from getting elected and having a fair election process.The
Declaration of Independence states, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are
created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. (Declaration of Independence. 1776.) Our
own Declaration states that all men are created equal, yet The United State of America is
currently 79th in the world for womens political participation. Nineteen Forty-One was the first
time female politicians were elected into both Houses of Congress. Todays elections are based
on money, your stance on issues, competitors, stereotypes and the voters perception of the

Campaign finance is biased to incumbents, said Swers. Because theres not that many women
in office, women are more likely to be challengers, so its harder to raise money. But its not
more difficult for a women challenger than a male challenger. (Tam, Ruth. 2013)
Politicians today believe that men should be the majority when it comes to running this
country when women are perfectly qualified. Women politicians usually dont support wars,

which leads many people to think that a female wouldnt have went to war to stop terrorist
groups from growing in numbers. Jeanette Rankin was the first female elected into Congress on
November 7, 1916. She voted against the entry into World War I and World War II. Having
female politicians in office can help prevent wars that are unnecessary. A recent study on CNN
finds that females are better at multitasking than males (Morgan. 2013. Women better at
multitasking than men, study finds.)
If more females run for political office and get elected it will inspire other females to run
for political positions as well. However, if the rate at which incumbents get reelected
decreases, then there is more room for female candidates to run for and win legislative
seats. (Schwindt-Bayer, Leslie)

American politics needs to start including females in every aspect of politics. Women
who run for political positions usually receive less media coverage than male politicians. A
reason female politicians dont get elected is because people still think females are emotional and
cant handle the stress of being the most important person in the world. For example, Hillary
Clinton became emotional on the campaign trail on January 7, 2008. This shows that a lady
politician will become emotional during tough times. As a powerful world leader, America needs
to start recognizing and electing female officials to set an example for other countries around the
world. Once we start electing female officials we can have them weigh in on important political
issues such as: abortion, terrorism, healthcare, birth control and gay rights. Females are just as
valuable as men when it comes to running a free and proud country.

Sexism is still a major factor in American politics today. Many people are content with
the people we currently have in office. As Americans, we need to start voting for female officials
so they can help solve social issues. Females and males need to work together to fight and end
the generalization and stereotypes forced onto females. Once we end the generalization female
politicians will run for office more often. If we continue to elect female politicians we will set
examples for other countries around the world. Female politicians are just as qualified as male
politicians. Having a female in political positions America as a country will start to figure out
some of the most important issue in America today. America is a beautiful place to live, lets not
ruin it for females in our country.

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