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Activity Space Map Analysis

Outer limits of my weekly activity space

To Chanhassen High School- 4.64 miles
Back home- 4.64 miles
To Lifetime Fitness - 1.5 miles
Back home- 1.5 miles
To school- 4.64 miles
Back home- 4.64 miles
To Subway- 7.80 miles
Back home- 7.80 miles
To school- 4.64 miles
Back home- 4.64 miles
To LTF- 1.5 miles

Back home- 1.5 miles

To school- 4.64 miles
Back home- 4.64 miles
To CCC- 1.15 miles
Back home- 1.15 miles
To school- 4.27 miles
Back home- 4.27 miles
To school (volleyball game)- 4.27 miles
Back home- 4.27 miles
To morning hockey- 40.65 miles
Back home- 40.65 miles
To a friends- about 7 miles
Back home- about 7 miles

To morning hockey- 40.65 miles
Back home- 40.65 miles
To a friends- about 7 miles
Back home- about 7 miles
To CCC- 1.15 miles
Back home- 1.15 miles

Three variables affecting activity space

Stage in life
-Traveling to colleges for next year
-Traveling to school every day
-Traveling to sporting events at school
-Traveling to sports
-Spending time with friends
Mobility ability to travel

-Cant travel all the time due to money and busy schedules
Awareness space knowledge of opportunities
-Knowledge of fun things to do in uptown and Minneapolis/St. Paul
-Dont know what to do near by, so traveling further is more common

Merits of increasing or decreasing activity space

-Increasing activity space: more exciting, cost more money
-Decreasing activity space: less excitement, save money, more home based
Choose a local business and issue a brief report addressing the probability of spatial interaction.
Spatial Interaction Analysis: Chipotle in Chanhassen

Much interaction in the area that Chipotle is in because it is located just on the edge of the city cen

too busy and annoying to park in but is still right there for anyone to go to. There is high demand fo

because it is good therefore a lot of people are willing to go to lengths to get Chipotle. The supply is
because there is only one in the Chaska-Chanhassen-Victoria area.
Distance decay curve

Because it is such a popular area, people from Eden Prairie, Chaska, Victoria and Chanhassen all go

particular Chipotle.


Explain the gravity model and Reillys law of Retail Gravitation. Discuss their a

to the business.

Gravity model: Predict the degree of interaction between two places- "Any two loca

one another with a force that is proportional to the product of their importance and
proportional to the square of the distance between them."

Chipotle and Qdoba are basically the same restaurant however Qdoba is closer to m
easier to get to.

Reillys law of retail gravitation: customers may be willing to travel longer distances
retail centers as long as they are large enough

Chipotle in Chanhassen is less busy and less popular and more convenient for the p
Eden Prairie than the actual Eden Prairie Chipotle.

Give examples of movement biases that may flow contrary to modeled predict

I have a bias between Qdoba and Chipotle, because Qdoba isnt nearly as good, so
Chipotle even though its further away.


Place perception stereotype or reality?


Think of a place (city, state, country, region) that you would not want to live

specific reason(s).

South Dakota, because theres nothing going on there and laws are messed up with
Indian tribes and crazy stuff happens.
Mississippi, because who actually wants to live in Mississippi?

Investigate and find statistics and/or evidence to substantiate or disprove your

perception. Was your initial perception a stereotype or reality or somewhere in bet

South Dakota: 8th most corrupt state, its a middle of nowhere state
Mississippi: Top most corrupt state, hurricanes, high crime and racism

Watch one episode (jobs, refugees or enforcement) of Homeland: Immigration in America.


Be able to describe the challenges immigrants face in one of those areas in cla

Challenges that refugee immigrants face in America:

Adjusting to linguistic and cultural differences

Experience significant mental health issues and need more education abou

Western cultural norms and expectations

Many refugees may be suffering from post-traumatic stress stemming from

experiences in their home countries
Finding jobs that pay living wages for their families