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Hi, my name is Morgan Jo Bonneau. This year was my 7th year in 4-H and I am fourteen years old.

have a younger sister, who is also involved in 4-H. Her name is Tyra. She is now twelve years old. I also
have a younger brother, his name is Carter and he is five years old. My dad showed in 4-H when he was
younger, so that is what got my sister and I started in 4-H. Showing in 4-H is a family tradition for my dads
side of the family. I really enjoy doing 4-H. I show cattle and sheep. I also really appreciate for all his help
with getting my animals ready to be showed up at the fair.
My dad, Tyra, and I started working our livestock towards the end of June. We worked them every
morning over at my Grandmas house. This year I had five animal science projects. When we first got to
my grandmas every morning, we would walk the sheep down to the end of my grandmas lane and then
set them up. We then would work with the calves. I was able to get my calves to lead by tying them up in
the barn everyday for a week. Every morning, we would lead them around and comb them out. As often as
we could, we would wash and blow the calves out. This would also help to tame them down. My feeder
heifer, Marshmallow was pretty easy to get tamed down. It was my two breeding heifers that we had to do
the most work with. My heifer, Allie, didnt take as long as my other heifer, Shelby. Shelby took a while to
get tame because she is headstrong and her previous owner would let her loose every time she started to

get antsy and jump around. She ended up being really tame and would follow me pretty much everywhere,
but she doesnt like showmanship halters. This year I was able to do a lot more with my livestock on my
own. I was able to lead them around after about three days of tying them up. I could do my sheep all on
my own.
During the week of the fair, we got everything ready to go at my grandmas house. On the Tuesday
of the fair, we took up all the tack and food up to the fair, which was a whole trailer load. On Wednesday,
we took up all our livestock and checked them in. It took about four trailer loads, because we took up all of
my sisters livestock and mine along with all of my cousins livestock. I didnt really have a favorite project
this year, I liked showing everything.
I started off showing on Friday with my cow/calf pair. I showed my calf Marshmallow and her mom,
Amanda. I ended up getting a purple in that class. I then showed Marshmallow again in the feeder heifer
class. I got a purple in that class also. After that, I showed in showmanship. I showed my heifer Shelby in
Sr. Showmanship. I got a purple in showmanship too. After showmanship I showed my heifer Allie and then
Shelby again. I got a purple with both of them. I was then done with all of my cattle. I got a little break and
then started showing my sheep. I got a blue in showmanship and a purple with both of lambs. Even though

this is my 7th year in 4-H, I am still learning how to show. I hope to get Grand Champion next year in both
Even after I was done showing, we still have to do chores every morning and every night. The chores
we do are feeding everything, cleaning their stalls, filling their water tanks, and sweeping the aisle.
I really enjoy showing in 4-H. 4-H has helped me learn responsibility and teamwork. I enjoy helping
other at the fair with their chores too. I want to work on my showmanship skills for next year.