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Jemaah Islamiyah

It is a Southeast Asia-based terrorist group co-founded by Abu Bakar Baasyir
and Abdullah Sungkar which seeks the establishment of an Islamic caliphate
spanning Indonesia, Malaysia, southern Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and the
Philippines. The group was formally founded on January 1st, 1993. They have
their roots in Darul Islam which is a radical movement that advocated the
establishment of Islamic Law in Indonesia. There is not an exact number on
the amount of people that are currently involved in the terrorist organization.
They estimate that the group has anywhere from 100 to 1000 members.
Overview of Ideology:
The leader of Jemaah Islamiyah is Abu Bakar Bashir and is thought to be the
groups spiritual leader. He joined Darul Islam in the 1970s and was
imprisoned in Indonesia for Islamist activism. In 1985, he fled to Malaysia. He
recruited volunteers to help fight in the anti-Soviet Muslim brigades in
Afghanistan and maintaining connections with former colleagues in
Indonesia. He denies involvement in terrorism. Their main goal is to
overthrow the Indonesian Government and establish a pan-Islamic state in
South-East Asia through violence if necessary. They regard the Indonesian
Government to be illegitimate. They want to revive a pure form of Islam.
They want to establish a solid support base of followers and through armed
struggle, create an Islamic state in Indonesia followed by a pan-Islamic
Caliphate incorporating Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.
Tactics and Support:
They have been responsible for preparing, planning, and assisting in doing a
number of terrorist attacks against a range of targets but in particular with
Christian, Western, and regional governments interests in South-East Asia.
They have been responsible for attacks such as the October 2005 suicide
bombing in Bali that killed 20 people. They have been involved in a number
of attacks in churches, bars, and they had a 1995 plot to bomb 11 U.S
commercial airlines in Asia. They recruit, train, indoctrinate, and have
financial and operational links between other militant groups such as alQaeda.
A few events that this group has been involved and responsible for:

The October 2005 suicide bombings in Bali that killed twenty people
and injured 129.

The September 2004 suicide car bombing outside the Australian

Embassy in Jakarta that killed three people and left more than 100 wounded.

The August 2003 car bombing of the J.W. Marriott hotel in Jakarta that
killed twelve people.

The October 2002 bombing of a nightclub on the predominantly Hindu

island of Bali that killed 202 people, most of them foreign tourists from
Australia and elsewhere. Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, a forty-one-year-old
mechanic from East Java, was convicted on August 8, 2003, for buying the
vehicle used in the main explosion and buying and transporting most of the
chemicals used for the explosives. He was the first of thirty-three suspects
arrested for the bombings to be convicted.

A December 2000 wave of church bombings in Indonesia that killed


A December 2000 series of bombings in Manila that killed twenty-two


A 1995 plot to bomb eleven U.S. commercial airliners in Asia.

Risk to the stability of the local area, states they operate in, U.S, and the
There have been authorities in the region that have arrested more than 300
members , but many have been released since then. It was said that before
the 2002 bombing in Bali, that the Indonesian authorities have not
aggressively investigated the group as much. The group has had plans to
attack the U.S, British, and Israeli embassies. There have been a number of
Americans killed in the Bali attacks. I dont necessarily think that it is a big of
a risk in the US and it is in areas that they attack in.