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Name: Faith Felix

Class: 2B
Teacher: Ms.Butcher
Due Date: 10th Sept. 2014

What Conditions Need To Be Present for A Hurricane to Form?

A hurricane need Warm ocean water to form. This causes

evaporation and making moist air that forms clouds. Winds that
collide to force air upward. Winds that flow outward so it allows air
below to rise above the forming storm. The moist air that raises
forms storm clouds. Light wind blowing in the direction of the
hurricane lets it grow and steers it in the direction the wind is

A Diagram of the Structure of a Hurricane.

Different Names of Hurricanes in Different Regions

Austrailia Tropical Cyclones

Indian Ocean Cyclones OR Tropical Cyclones
Caribbean - Hurricanes

How do You Categorize the Strength/Intensity of a Hurricane?

You use the Saffir-Simpson scale to categorize hurricanes. This

helps to predict the damage the hurricane can do and how strong
it is.

How are Hurricanes Named?

Hurricanes start as tropical storms so the storms are named first if

the this storm develops into a hurricane the name given to the
storm will remain the same. The World Meteorological
Organization is the agency in the United Nations that names the
storms. This organizations uses a fixed list of names in
alphabetical order except for the letters Q,U,X,Y and Z to name
these storms. There are always six lists in place and every six
years each list is reused. The names of hurricanes that were very
destructive are not reused.