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Chinese Festival



This is the Zombie

Game Booth. At this
booth there was a
game which Is almost
like paper rock
scissors. Jeff was the in
charge of this booth so
he showed people
what the game was
about and how to play.
(This is also where I
showed a few people

This is Chinese Architecture

Booth. This booth had many
models and information on
different Chinese structures. I
found The Great Wall of
China interesting and found
out that it was made to
protect the Chinese states
and empires against the raids
and invasions of the various
nomadic groups of the

This is the shuttlecock

booth. As you can see Jose
was n charge of this booth.
This booth had a game
called Shuttlecock where
you kick around a ball thing
usually with feathers of
some sort attached to it.

How did I contribute?

I sung the Chinese lullaby in the gym

I helped with getting carrying the food.

I spent money on food.

I spread my mix tape.

What did I think?

This festival was Pretty decent. The food was good but it was a little
unorganized especially with the booths. Also since the cafeteria is
so small and since I had to sing I had to sit on the floor, but other
than thse things I feel like this was a good festival for its first year.