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NOT EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK From the Musical Production, "FLORA, THE RED MENACE" Music by JOHN KANDER, Lyrics by FRED EBB Rhythmically mf Chorus orf) co Bc os Boy) 1. It's NOT EV - ‘RY DAY OF THE WEEK. EV - RY DAY OF THE WEEK (Girl) 2. 1's NOT a mp - mf $F staccato throughout as ev = try day om some - one's toot - si who's SIC COW, 22 W. 48th St, New York, N.Y, © Copyright 1965 by SUNBEAM MUS ‘neraational Copyright Secured ‘All Rights Reserved Printed fo U.S.A. ‘The use of the Iyics or music of this song with any other music or lyrics i expesily prohibited, some - one 60 spe _~ cial, s0 some - one— who thinks she'd_ be & 4 Tm tongue-tied, do you blame me? fas = ch ~ nat — int play - in’ foot - sie. per - son re - act? good, help but— feel fb - u- lous fact; trac - tive, knock wood; Fmaj7 Fm Cmaj7 AT you may con- sent — to__ most of__ the mo - ment. mar - vel like ap - pear, } must make. the that's here, (on ac-count of) It's Not Every Day-3 Dm = Baim Dm? G9 G7-9 Gl AT OF THE WEEK, And cer - tain -ly (ion - est - ly) Dm Bdim Dm7 G9 _G7-9 sulle pc a7 o7(33) Po (Girl) It's month, And cer - tain-ly