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Kevin Elkin
Josh Chapman

The Task
Create a device that would help law
enforcement in forensics such as scientific
tests that help to investigate potential
victims of a crime.
The device should encompass 21st century
skills and technology to ensure the device is
both effective and modern. In addition, the
device should enhance both the mobility
and efficiency of current lab equipment.






Final Solution and


Utilize an Arduino board to effectively hook up

the pumps, motor, and LED indicators.
3D printer to print out the canister to hold the
various chemicals and biological materials.

Specifications of Final
Dimensions: 6 inches tall, 5 inches deep, 13
inches long
Motor: 9300 RPM
Pumps: 1.1 mamps

How it Works
Extraction Phase

Nanoball Phase

Purpose: To extract the DNA from the

chosen cell specimens

Purpose: To analyze the DNA by their

nucleic acids.

Add lysis solution to begin dissolving the

phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane.
Once the cell has been destroyed, collect
all other remaining cell parts with a salt
Spin remaining contents in centrifuge to
separate the heavier biological material
from the lighter material.
Add a replicator solution containing tagged
nucleotide bases, DNA polymerase and
helicase to create analyzable DNA strands.
(Note: The heating during this phase
speeds up the process)

Pour the finished solution into the Nanoball

micro array tray, the microarray will
analyze the DNA and save it for further use.
fluorescent probes (which are fluorescent
chemical compounds able to re-emit light
upon light extraction) bind to the base
pairs of the DNA.

Advantages to the Solution

Our solution/device would encompass advantages
such as the following:

Compact and portability ensures storage in virtually

any law enforcement vehicle

Precise and accurate measurements allow for an

effective mobile laboratory

Cost effective and time consuming benefit law

enforcement personnel both economically and in
time sensitive cases

Real Life Applications

Potential real life applications to our design
encompass the following:

Beneficial when finding diseases

Able to discover genetic mutations

Helpful in tracing DNA of suspects in

criminal cases

The DNA toolbox incorporates everything a
typical lab set-up would require in order to
extract and analyze DNA
Our device will be ultimately a cost-effective and
rapid solution that allows law enforcement
personnel to analyze DNA
Our device is designed to encompass a user
friendly interface to permit the user to analyze
DNA with ease
The overall build of the device is both accurate
and precise, as if it was a high quality laboratory

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