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On The Spot Courier Service

Business Report
Prepared by: Shanon Burgess
Date: 26 April 2015

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Executive Summary
The main point of this report is to provide a solution to the problem that On The Spot
Courier Services is encountering. As of now, they manually enter all record keeping and delivery
transactions. This causes a number of problems the most concerning being efficiency and
customer loss through difficulty getting deliveries and pickups set up. These problems will be
addressed by setting up a new website to interact with customers and provide the flexibility of
online appointment setup. These new online requests will be sent to the drivers in real-time by
use of their in-car laptop/tablet devices. It will also make this information available to warehouse
workers through the use of a new computer network setup in shop.

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This business report is being prepared because On The Spot Courier Services would like
to transition their now manual record keeping to a more technology automated system that will
not only make it more efficient on employees but give more flexibility to its customers.
Customers will now be able to make delivery appointments through their internet connection at
home thanks to a new website set up for On The Spot Courier Services. The drivers will now get
this information in real-time thanks to their new laptop/tablets that transmit and receive any
incoming delivery transactions.

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Report Findings
Hardware Requirements:
1. Office Network
a. Application/Database Server
b. Desktop PC
c. Network printer
2. Drivers
a. Laptop/Tablet
3. Bill's Home
a. Desktop PC
b. Home Printer

Software Requirements:
1. Office Network
a. Server license
b. Desktop license
2. Drivers
a. Laptop/Tablet license
3. Bill's Home
a. Desktop license

Hardware Options:
1. Application/Database Server
a. Dell Poweredge T110 compact tower server- $469
b. iMac- $1,099
2. Driver's
a. iPad Air 2- $499
b. Samsung Galaxy Tab S- $399
c. HP Stream 8"- $ 149
3. Bill's Home
a. iMac-$1099
b. Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series- $429

Software Options:
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1. Application/Database Server
a. Windows Server 2012 Foundation- $245
b. Mac OS X Server- $120
2. Driver's
a. iPad Air 2- OS included
b. Samsung Galaxy Tab S- OS included
c. HP Stream 8"- OS included
3. Bill's Home
a. Mac OS X Leopard-$79
b. Windows 8.1- $79

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Based on my findings, I would recommend Bill setting up his office, drivers, and home
with Apple products. He will pay more for the actual hardware but is getting better quality over
the Microsoft products. The software is irrelevant when making a decision between Apple or
Microsoft as they are close in price range so your main concern should be hardware and the
quality hardware you are buying.

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