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INQU 4002 WINTER 2014


For each problem show all calculations and assumptions made. Make a detailed
schematic describing the scenario.
Problem 1. Diffusion of CO2 Through Rubber
A flat plug 30 mm thick having an area of 4.0 x l0-4 m2 and made of vulcanized rubber is
used for closing an opening in a container. The gas CO2 at 25C and 2.0 atm pressure is
inside the container. Calculate the total leakage or diffusion of CO2 through the plug to
the outside in kg mol CO2/s at steady state. Assume that the partial pressure of CO2
outside is zero. From R.M. Barrer (Diffusion in and Through Solids, Cambridge
University Press, 1941) the solubility of the CO2 gas is 0.90 m3 gas (at STP) per m3
rubber per atm pressure of CO2. The diffusivity is 0.11 x 10-9 m2/s.
Problem 2. Loss from a Tube of Neoprene
Hydrogen gas at 2.0 atm and 27C is flowing in a neoprene tube 3.0 mm inside diameter
and 11 mm outside diameter. Calculate the leakage of H2 through a tube 1.0 m long in kg
mol H2/s at steady state.
Additional Data: s = 0.053 m3 gas (@STP)/[atm m3 solid]); DAB = 0.180 x 10-9 m2/s.
Problem 3. Diffusion Through Membranes in Series
Nitrogen gas at 2.0 atm and 30C is diffusing through a membrane of nylon 1.0 mm thick
and polyethylene 8.0 mm thick in series. The partial pressure at the other side of the two
films is 0 atm. Assuming no other resistances, calculate the flux NA at steady state.
Please show ALL derivation steps to obtain the flux model.
Additional Data: PM,Nylon = 0.0152 x 10-12 m3 gas (@STP)/[satmm2/m]; PM,Polyethylene =
1.52 x 10-12 m3 gas (@STP)/[satmm2/m]
Problem 4. Diffusion of CO2 in a Packed Bed of Sand
It is desired to calculate the rate of diffusion of CO2 gas in air at steady state through a
loosely packed bed of sand at 276 K and a total pressure of 1.013 x l05 Pa. The bed depth
is 1.25 m and the void fraction is 0.30. The partial pressure of CO2 is 2.026 x l03 Pa at the
top of the bed and 0 Pa at the bottom. Use a of 1.87.
Additional Data: DAB = 0.142 x 10-4 cm2/s.

Dr. Arturo J Hernndez-Maldonado