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A. Rephrase the following sentences as indicated below.

1. Example: Send him a telegram now and he gets it this evening.

If you send him a telegram he will get it this evening.

2.He doesnt write to me and I dont write to him.

If he _______________________________________________

3. The child was killed because the train didnt stop quickly.

If the train had _______________________________________

4.He caught a cold because he didnt put on his overcoat.

He wouldnt _______________ if he _______________________

5. They waited for me and so we met.

If they hadnt _________________________________________

6. You broke the window and so the teacher got angry.

The teacher wouldnt ________________if you _______________

7. There wasnt time to show us over the town.

If there had __________________, he ____________________

8. He wants to sell his car now but he might not get much money for it.

If he sells ___________________________________________

9. Be careful not to spoil it!

If you arent _________________________________________

10. They told us and we found the way.

If they hadnt ________________________________________

11. Help me! I may need you.

Will you ______________________________________________

12. I called him and so he came.

If I didnt ____________________________________________

13. I studied hard and so I went to medical school.

If I hadnt ____________________________________________

14. She was late because the car broke down.

If her car didnt ________________________________________

15. I didnt forget because he rang me on Friday night.

If he hadnt ___________________________________________
Answer key

1. ...send him a telegram now, he will get...

2....doesnt write to me, I wont write to him.

3. ...stopped quickly, the child wouldnt have been killed.

4....catch a cold if he put on his overcoat.
5. ...waited for me, we wouldnt have met.

6. ...get angry, if you didnt break the window.

7. ..been time, he would have show us over the town.

8. ...his car, he may not get (wont) get much money for it.
9. ...careful, you will spoil it.

10. ...told us, we wouldnt have found the way

11. me if I need you?

12. ... call him, he wouldnt come.

13. ...studied hard, I wouldnt have gone to medical school.

14. ...didnt break down, she wouldnt be late.

15. ..rung me on Friday night, I would have forgotten.