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Shariff C.

990 New Town Cir. Apt.383
Atlanta, Georgia 30315

My objective is to graduate from Pennsylvania State University with a masters in economics and To provide
information about my involvements and accomplishments for an e-portfolio.


Penn State University, University Park, PA


University Park, State College, PA 16801

G.P.A: 3.5

New Schools at Carver: Early College, Atlanta, GA


55 McDonough Blvd. South-East

Class of 2014
G.P.A: 98.584%
Class Rank: 1 of 93

Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

P.O. Box 3965
G.P.A: 3.81



Perfect Attendance


Principals List


Academic Excellence in Mathematics


Valedictorian Honors

Georgia State University Deans List


Penn State Schreyer Honors Scholar


Gates Millennium Scholar


Coca-Cola Scholar


Horatio Alger Scholar

Quest Bridge College Prep Scholar

Top Academic Award

Presidents Volunteer Service Award


Presidents Award for Educational Excellence


Governors Honor Program Nominee


Member of Esquires Inc.- Vice President


Vice President and Treasurer of Student Government Association


C5 Georgia Student Ambassador


Vice President of National Honor Society


Member of National Beta Club


Vice President of Red Cross Club


C5 Youth Foundation Scholar

Member of Golf Club





C5 Youth Foundation, Atlanta, GA
Assisted multiple companies and communities to making the world a better place.


Total 500+ hours

Esquires Inc., Atlanta, GA


Aided several various needing communities throughout the year.

Total 500+ Hours

Red Cross Club, Atlanta, GA


Planned several blood drives and donated blood for Red Cross
Total of 100+ Hours

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, Atlanta, GA


Assisted children and teenagers with accessing computers; Shelved books; Read to children.
Total of 500+ Hours

Brown Middle School, Atlanta, GA

Tutored students after school in math and science.
Total of 450+ Hours


Basic Conception in Mathematics

Basic Comprehension of English Language

Basic Comprehension of Mandarin Language

Basic Comprehension of Spanish Language

References Furnished Upon Request


To Whom It May Concern:

As an experienced youth development professional, who has spent the past 15 years working with
teenagers, I have been asked to write many recommendation letters. And of all of the recommendation
letters that I have been asked to write, none has given me as great a pleasure as writing this letter on
behalf of Shariff Lee-Brown.
I was first introduced to Shariff 5 years ago, when as a 7 th grader he was nominated for and
applied to be a member of the C5 Youth Foundation of GA. The mission of C5 Georgia is to change the
odds for high-potential teens from risk-filled environments, inspiring them to pursue personal success and
preparing them for leadership roles in college, work and their communities. Students, who are nominated
to apply for our 5 year leadership program, are identified by a teacher, guidance counselor or other caring
adult, as having leadership potential. In now, his 5th year, it has been an absolute pleasure witnessing
Shariff realize his full potential as a leader and a servant.
Unlike many youth who enter into our leadership program lost, and spend the next five years
trying to figure themselves out, Shariff is in many respects the same young man that he was 5 years
ago. Instead of trying to discover a new him, Shariff has taken advantage of every opportunity and all
of his experiences to increase his self-awareness, refine his leadership skills, and deepen his
influence/impact on others. He remains one of the most humble, quiet, thoughtful, hard-working,
determined, conscientious, and respectful young men whose growth I have been able to watch.
Shariff entered C5 as a gentle giant. Being taller than most of the other 7 th graders, he had a
physical presence amongst the group but his personality was so refrained that he was often overlooked.
He was the young man that you could count on to be responsible for his own actions and respectful to
those around him. There was a quiet confidence about him. He seemed very sure of whom he was, but
he didnt always put that person forward. He was the kind of young man that we organized groups
around. Knowing the integrity and authenticity that he operated in, we were intentional about grouping
him with other teens that needed the subtle influence and consistent model of self leadership.
In his 2nd year in the program, Shariff began to open up. Again, still the same Shariff but this
year, he began to share his greatness with those around him. Appropriately, the 2 nd year of the C5 program
is themed Learning to Lead Others and that is exactly what he did. When his group began working on
leadership challenges, Shariff emerged as the thinker and observer in the group. Although he was not the
loudest in the room, he had a subtle tact that allowed him to synthesize the groups ideas and provide
direction. His strong interpersonal skills contributed to the groups success. Shariff is also very hardworking and his willingness to help others and get things done was noticed by his peers and counselors.
As an esteemed honor, Shariff was awarded the coveted staff in his 2 nd year. The staff is a walking stick
that is passed down summer after summer and awarded to the 2 nd year member who embodies outstanding
leadership. It is given to the C5 member who has made great strides in realizing their leadership potential
and who uses it in a way that impacts the community-at-large. Shariff was chosen because he worked

hard to complete tasks that were given to him, because of his ability to bring people together, and because
he was a role model of respectfulness and service. Receiving the staff and community recognition seemed
to be an elevating point in Shariffs leadership journey. He became even more determined to leave his
mark and impact the world around him.
Shariffs commitment to service and helping others was ignited. He has completed more than
2,000 hours of community service; volunteering his time to help a variety of causes throughout Atlanta.
Because of the number of students in the program, we dont always have an opportunity to check out the
places where students have served, but we did with Shariff. We were planning an event and needed a
location that had a large meeting space, break out rooms, and internet access. When we reached out to the
Central Library and explained our organization and our needs, they knew Shariff and made the
connection. They said that he had been one of the most dependable, consistent, and hardworking teen
volunteers that they have ever had, and that they would love to partner with us. We were impressed by the
sustained impact that he had made on the library.
The level of integrity and excellence in which he operates is uncanny for a young man who has
battled against the odds that he has had to overcome. With every new challenge, his commitment to
achieve strengthens. It is truly an inspiration for all who have the pleasure of interacting with him. This
past summer, he was selected to serve as an Ambassador of the C5 Georgia program and attend a National
C5 Conference in Chicago, IL. This conference gave him the opportunity to travel and represent our
organization on a larger scale. He represented the organization amidst community and business leaders as
well as C5 students from the other 3 sites. Feedback from the adult advisors on the trip highlighted Shariff
as being personable, articulate, responsible and influential.
What I enjoy most about Shariff, beyond the things that have already been mentioned is his wellroundedness. Whether he is the youngest person sitting in a lecture hall at Georgia State University,
facilitating a college tour planning committee with his peers, playing a pickup basketball game with
younger campers, shaking hands at a leadership lunch with corporate executives, stacking books for 4
hours at a public library, or tutoring middle school students in math and science, Shariff is consistent.
Shariff is destined to do great things. He has already done so much to beat the odds and develop
beyond his familial and societal confines. However, I also know that he is going to need this university as
a community that will continue to challenge, support and celebrate his continued successes.
It is not hard to envision what Shariff will do in the future, because of the consistency of his past.
I imagine that he will attend school, where he will excel academically and socially. He will continue to
volunteer in the community and be a role model for young males who want more, but lack the resources
to obtain what they want. He will speak at middle and high schools and tell of his journey that will
encourage others to be their best selves. He will make enough money in an international business venture
that he will be able to provide opportunities for the next generation of young people. And yet, I also
imagine that while at college, he will find his true passion. And what is exciting to think about is how
much impact he will make when he focuses all of his outstanding characteristics on that thing. As
clich as it sounds I am certain that he will continue to reach back and support those who have added a
rung to the ladder that has helped him to climb out and up.
It has been my absolute honor to have been fated to be on Shariffs journey for the past 5 years. I
celebrate his success and eagerly anticipate what is to come, beginning with his acceptance into this
university. Thank you in advance for supporting his continued growth and development.
Sincerely Submitted,

Mashona Council


404-802-4405 OFFICE
404-521-3199 FAX

To Whom It May Concern:

Late one afternoon in May 2012, Shariff Lee-Brown stood before a room
of 400 spectators and delivered an impassioned and articulate statement
to the Atlanta Board of Education. With the school system threatening to
close the four small high schools on our campus and merge them back
into a comprehensive institution, Shariff rallied his peers and their
parents to come out that night and then provided what everyone
agreed was the evenings most eloquent argument as to why the
proposal was not in the best interests of students at Carver.
That evening, Shariff demonstrated what will make him an incredible
asset to whichever university he will call home for the next four years:
Devotion to community, a desire to lead, an ability to communicate
effectively as well as the critical thinking and collaboration skills that
ultimately led to a successful outcome. And its those qualities that lead
me to enthusiastically recommend him for admission to your institution.
I met Shariff during his freshman year at Early College. I will quickly
learned he was a bright, personable, honest young man with a passion
for History and interest in politics that rivaled my own. During his
sophomore year, I had the opportunity to teach Shariff in both World
History and U.S. History. He immediately set himself apart as one of the
hardest-working students in his grade. He was always looking for ways
to dig deeper and gain a more comprehensive understanding of our
subject matter and was always eager to engage in meaningful
conversation with me and his peers. I continued to see those qualities in
Shariff the next two years during his time as a junior and senior at Early

In the fall of his junior year, Shariff also had the opportunity to begin
taking classes at Georgia State University through Carvers dualenrollment program. Balancing classes at both the high school and
college level is extremely demanding, and many of our students struggle
meeting the high expectations of both institutions. But Shariff jumped
into the experience and never looked back, developing the writing and
critical thinking skills that will make him successful during his
undergraduate career. His academic performance at GSU has been
nothing short of remarkable
With its heavy focus on academics and preparation for college, Carver
Early College doesnt have a wide range of extracurricular opportunities
for its students. But Shariff has taken full advantage of what we do offer,
taking an active role in our schools Beta Club and Student Government.
Ive also seen Shariffs concern for his others manifest itself in tutoring
struggling classmates or taking underclassmen under his wing as a
mentor. I have no doubt he will be a devoted and driven participant in
whatever college extracurricular activities he chooses, and a supportive
peer to those in need.
More than his academic or extracurricular accolades, Shariffs greatest
contribution to his college and to this program may be his personality.
Shariff embodies a joy for life and a respect for others that places him in
a league all his own. He has developed the self-discipline and
organizational skills to ensure those responsibilities dont adversely
impact his coursework at Carver or Georgia State.
Shariff cares deeply about his educationincluding the importance of
earning commendable grades as well as the intrinsic value of learning.
He sets a standard of excellence for his fellow students and helps create
an effective learning environment. He consistently participates in
classroom instruction, asks insightful questions, completes assigned
work, and shows enthusiasm toward mastering difficult material. He
behaves very respectfully toward teachers and is delightful to have in
class. Other teachers and administrators share this same enthusiastic
evaluation of her academic accomplishments and personal
Shariff is an outstanding young man, and I have no doubt he will make a
meaningful contribution to your institution over the next four years. He
is worthy of your upmost consideration as there is no student I would
recommend more enthusiastically.

Matt Westmoreland
Matt Westmoreland
District 3 Representative
Atlanta Board of Education