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Julia Haagenstad

English 120
Ms. Diaz
Creative Revision Essay

I chose to do my creative revision on my MWA2, which was the argumentative research
paper on the Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming controversy. I decided to turn my paper into a
poem, because I truly felt that I could show my passion and concern on the topic through the
form of a poem. While writing my research paper, I focused solely on ensuring that I had enough
factual evidence and data to support my argument, and I felt that I couldnt fully incorporate my
feelings towards the controversy. By creating a poem, It would allow my audience to see the side
of the controversy in a whole new way.
I put in a lot of emotion into my poem, which included fear, anger, and hope. For
example, one of the verses of my poem was, There is one planet, one earth, one home to us all./
We have one chance to save it, so it wont fall./ We have to keep in mind of every choice we
make,/ Because every wrong choice, is one out planet must take. I felt this verse summed up
how we as humans do not realize how every choice we make, has an impact on our earth. When I
use the word choices, I am referring to our nations inability to make a choice in whether or not to
abide to the Kyoto Protocol, regardless of the impacts it has on the economy. I feel that it should
not be a matter of if we abide to regulating our CO2 emission, but a matter of when. The tone of
my poem is almost assertive, and that there seems to be no other choice. In some sense, that is
the case. We are reaching a point where there is no return, and we will be faced with a great deal
of challenges that could have been avoided. The next verse in my poem that I felt really

connected to the topic of the Kyoto Protocol was, We cannot be stubborn and we cannot be
picky,/ Which is why we must abide to the Kyoto Protocol. /We expect change to happen all too
quickly,/Yet we are scared to make the first step forward. In this verse, I felt I really captured
the importance of the protocol, and how the United States is failing to make any serious changes
in reversing our carbon footprint and global warming. The best verse in my poem was one that
really connected to both my personal view on the issue, as well as explaining what the initial
issue was. The oil, the gas, the pollution it creates,/ Is a choice we often times consciously
make./ Now is the time that we change our ways,/ In hopes that we will see cleaner days. In this
verse, I address the issue that the oil and gas the United States is consuming is going at a rate
much faster than it should, and now is the time to make a change in our ways.
I really enjoyed creating a poem out of my MWA2, because it challenged me to send a
message to my audience in a way that is emotionally appealing, while at the same time
inspiring. My reserach paper was entitled to pertaining a lot of information and evidence on the
issue, while my poem was entitled to reach to the emotional side of my audience. I knew this
would be a challenge, since one was almost pure factual evidence, while the other is nearly pure
emotion. MWA2 was also one of my favorite assignments, since we were allowed to write it on a
topic of our choice. As I had mentioned before, it was a challenge to make a poem on a research
paper, but it allowed me to express my strong feelings towards the subject.