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Roland Owner’s Manual ‘Thank you, and congratulations on your choice of the Roland D2 Groovebox. ‘Before using this unit, caret ING THE UNIT SAFELY" (pp. 2-3) and “IMPORTANT NOTES" (p. 4). These sections provide important information concerning the proper operation of the unit. Additionally, in ord to fool assured tht you gained a good geasp of every feature provided by your new unit, Owner's manwal should be ea Init entirety. The manual should be saved and kept an han ference. Let’s start off by playing some sounds! 1. Press the | ® | button to start the patter, 2. Press the [VINYL] button 3. Move your finger ina circle on the D-FIELD. Copyright © 2001 ROLAND CORPORATION All rights reserved. No part ofthis publication may be reproduced in any form without the ‘written oermission of ROLAND CORPORATION BLUE: NEUTRAL BROWN: UVE ‘As te colours ofthe wires inh the termina n your plug. race For the UK IMPORTANT THE WIRES IN'THIS MAINS LEAD ARE COLOURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE main ead of tis apparatus may not cvespond wah the coloured markings Sentiyng {Too ra uric coloured SLUE must be connactes fhe term whic le marked with elt No coloured BLACK. ‘The mre nics is colouted BROWN must be connec othe farranal which marked wth th eter Lo coloured RED. isto Socustances must shor ol he abava wires be Conneceu tothe er temna a vee pin Bug Po _USING THE UNIT SAFELY INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PREVENTION OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY TO PERSONS: ‘About AS WARNING ond ASCAUTION Notices ‘About the Symbols ‘Used for instrictons intended to alert he use 10 the Fisk of death or severe Injury. should the unit be used [improper GX\WARNING TUsed for instructions intended to alert tease kof ny rn Age “sould ie be nt meta ASEAUTION |. xtriat damage erst damage or Sheaves caged th ete ike home andl ee aes ALWAYS OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING sooner The A symbol alerts the vser to imporiant nsiractions] or warnings The spesific meaning of the symbol is] Sewermined. by. the design ‘contained within the |friangle. In the case ofthe symbol at ffi is used for genera cautions, warnings, or alerts to danger. A "The © symbol alerts the aser to ems that must never be carried out (are forbidden), The specific thing that @ | mustnt dane net bythe des conned tvithin the eile. in the case of the symbol at lef, i ean tht the unit must never be disassembled The @ symbol alerts the user to things that must be Cattied cute The specific thing that must be done is | ictes ny the design contained within the cil. I the case of the symbol at ef, means that the power: cord pli must he unplugged from the outlet. ASWARNING EXWARNING + Before using this unit, make sure to read the instructions below, and the Owner's Manual A ® 8 + Do not open (or modify in any way) the unit or its AC adaptor. + Do not attempt to repair the unit, replace parts within it (except when this marwal provides specific instructions directing you to do so). Refer all servicing to your retailer, the nearest Roland Service Center, or an authorized Roland distributor as listed on the “Information” page, "Gakrenpenrecirnorcesaree etn pf gerting cpap = ® Damp (eg baths, washrooms, on wet floors) Humidor are Exposed to tain; or are Dusty; or ane Sulbject to high levels of vibration, + Make sure you always have the unit placed so itis level and str to remain stable. Never place itn. stands that could wobble, or on inclined surfaces ‘+ Besure to use only the AC adaptor supplied with the unit. Also, make sure the line voltage at the installation matches the input vellage specified on the AC adaptors body. Other AC adaptors may tose a diferent polarity, or be designed fora sltferent voltage, 50 their use could result in dlamage, malfunction, or elect shock. oe A + Do not excessively twist or bend the power cord, nor place heavy objects on it Doing so can damage the cord, producing severed elements and Short circuits Damaged cords are fire and shock hazards! + This unit, ether alone or in combination with an amplifier ad headphones or speakers, may be “opableof producing sound levels that could “couse permanent henring loss. Do not operate for S Tong period of time ata high volume level, or at {level that is uncomfortable I you experience ny hearing loss or ringing in the eos, you should Immediately top using the unit, and consult an aioli S AQAWARNING A\CAUTION Do notallow any objects (eg, flammable material, coins, pins) or hyuids of any kind (water, soft drinks, et) to penetrate the unit Immediately tur the power off remove the AC adaptor Irom the outlet, and request servicing by Your retailer, the nearest Roland Service Center, Ot ‘an authorized Roland distribitor a8 Histed on the Information” page when: ‘The AC adaptor, the power-supply cond, or the plug has been damaged: or Objects have fallen into, oF liquid as been spilled ont the wits of The unit has been exposed to rain (or otherwise has become wet) oF “The unit does not appear to operate normally oF ‘exhibits a marked change in performance, Ie households with small children, on adult should provide supervision until the child is capable of following all the rales essential for the se operation of the unt Protect the unit from strong impact (Donor drop i) Do not force the unit's poswer-supply cord lo share an outlet with an unreasonable number of other “devices. Be especially careFl when wsing textension conts—the total power used by all devices you have connected tothe extension ‘cond’ outet must never exceed the power rating (oats /ampores) forthe extension cord. Excessive Toads can cause the insulation onthe cord to heat “upand eventually mel through ‘Before using the unit in a foreign county, consult with your retailer the nearest Roland Service Center ar an authorized Roland distributor, as listed on the “information” page S ® A A 8 The unt and the AC adaptor shouldbe located so their leation or pesition doesn interfere with their proper ventilation, Always grasp only the plug or the body of the AC Adaptor When plugging into, or mphging from, fn outlet or ths unit o o Whenever the unit sto remain unused for an extended perio of time, disconnect the AC adaptor, “Tey to provent cords and cables from becoming entangled, Also all cords and cables should be placed so they are out ofthe reach of children, [Never climl on top of, nor place heavy objects on the anit 8 ® oe o Never handle the AC adaptor body, ors plugs, ‘with wet hands when plugging int, or ‘unplugging from, an outlet or this unit Before moving the unt, disconnect the AC adaptor and al cords coming from external Sevices Before cleaning the unit, turn off the power and tunplig the AC adaptor from the outlet p11). Whenever you suspect the possibility of lightning in your aren disconnect the AC adapter fom the outlet