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GCSE English (4700) English Language (4705) English Literature (4710)

English unit 3
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English Language unit 3


English Literature unit 3


English Literature unit 5


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Sir John Lawes

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Anna Young
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Explore the ways the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor is presented in The Crucible.

Start present tense. Reminiscing. Unfortunately happened. To me. Worst day of life. Unusual siblings
Para 1 We were peas in pod. Describe our relationship.
Day of the adoption
Para 2 past tense. The adults arrived. Pretend to look fascinated. Rotten unpleasant. Kids left abandoned by
parents. Smart clothes
Para 3 the look in their eyes, mile away. Fear fright. Lucky to have Bianca. Exception about siblings. Although
desperate to leave.
Desperation took over
Para4- Dialogue between Bianca and Adults. Me watching without. Hammock. Keep down Kelly Sitting on a swing
B: love tennis and playing outside .
Italic writing. Me saying thoughts.
Para 6- Heart sank anchor. Limp dishcloth.Overconfident about her decision. Like- Why did she . Family. Go
back to present: life isnt the same. I am no like all the others. Alone. Isolated separated. Hope it goes wrong..

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