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Andrea Navarro

Mrs. Mua
ERWC/ Period 6
May 1, 2015
Five Year Plan

When I was in elementary school my teacher would ask , What do you want to be when
youre older? and without hesitating I would tell her that I was going to be a major league
softball player. Every year I was asked this question, and as the years progressed I became less
and less sure of that answer. To be completely honest I havent decided what I want to do with
my life. I follow the stream of students to the point of picking a major and then get stuck at the
crossroad. In order to find out what I want to do, I am going to have to do a bit of soul
My first year of life after high school will be at Merced Community College. For my first
semester I will be taking some of my general Ed classes including English, Math, Biology and
Intro to Psychology. By my second semester I hope to have made up my mind and chose to study
Radiologic Technology and be at least halfway done with the rest of my general Ed classes. I
also plan on joining some clubs and other extracurricular activities. I will have to work very
hard in order to reach my goal especially because I am going to have to take at least four other
math classes in order to get into the Diagnostic Radiologic Technology Program; along with
maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.75. The summer of my first year, going into my second I plan
to take Math-04A that way I can stay on track to finish all the math I would have to take in order
to become an X-ray technician.

In the first semester of my second year of college I hope to be taking Math-04B and Bio04A. I Should be three fourths of the way finished with my General Education classes and I hope
to have joined the tennis team. I plan on getting a part-time job working as a sales consultant at
Kohls and my grades should be As and Bs. The second and final semester I will take at the JC
should sum up all of my classes that are, of course, transferable. I will take my final Math class
which would be multivariable calculus and should be just about finished with one of the science
classes that I have to take. After I graduate from the Jc with my AA in Radiologic Technology I
will transfer to CSU Stanislaus and begin an internship with a nearby hospital.
My internship with Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock will prove to make my third year
of college a bit more challenging but I will try to maintain a 2.85 GPA or higher. I plan to
transfer to CSU Stanislaus and hope to join the (Phi Sigma Sigma) sorority. Once I finish
my internship I hope to be hird at Emanuel Medical center and then major in Kinesiology. It is
going to take a bit longer that expected but I will have to go to school for more than four years.
The second year at Stanislaus I hope to take at least a fourth of my classes and by the end
of that year be done with two fourths of my overall classes. I plan on being an active member of
the Phi Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and participate in all major events. When the time comes I
hope to be a Panhellinic Delegate like my sister before me, and learn all the leadership skills that
will help me succeed in life. I plan to pass those leadership skills down to my little by the end
of my second year going into my third.
I will probably have to take one or two Kinesiology courses over the summer but by my third
year I plan to be a little more than half way done with my schooling. My overall goal is to be a
committed student that can handle more than one obstacle at a time. I hope that with all this
schooling ive learned what it truly is to feel like you have accomplished something great. Yes

the work will be hard and tiresome but as Pele once said, Success is no accident. Its hard work,
perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.