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Jordan Thomas

April 12, 2015

Australias Most Wanted
For the past 10 years of my life I have been an avid fisherman. I unintentionally made fishing my favorite hobby, it basically became a huge part of my
life from the love and excitement of the sport. Ever since I was a child I can
remember fishing with my dad and uncle up at our family lake house. The older I
became, the more interested I got in it and the better I got as well. When I was
asked to choose and write about an event from my bucket list, I had mostly fishing
trips in it and finally decided to write about my dream trip of visiting Australia too
fish for the incredible Murray cod. This dream trip would require a great amount of
money and knowledge of the trip along with it.
Having a bit of information about the fish that I am
going to Australia to catch would help me understand

more about the landscape and

environment that I will be in. But
there are a few reasons why this
fish excites me so much and puts
it on top of my fishing bucket list.
My favorite fishing to do
currently is largemouth bass
fishing in local ponds and lakes.
Bass are a huge game fish in the United States and draws a lot of attention because

of the fun fight it puts up and the rareness of very big bass. One of the best things
about catching this fish is when you catch a big one, it is a moment that doesnt
happen very often. I enjoy bass fishing a lot because bass are a quick fish that can
speed up your adrenaline with only one bite. They are so exciting that just having
an opportunity to catch one can make your heart race. These fish live in many
places around the world and are spread throughout our entire nation. Southern
states have warmer weather and therefore are home to more lakes, rivers, and
ponds with largemouth bass in them.

The reason that Murray cod excite me so much is the fact that they are very
similar to largemouth bass except for one detail; Murray cod are about 30 times
larger than bass and are caught by using almost the same tactics and baits. Bass
can be caught in the shallows of lakes and rivers during the warm weather but also
the deeper parts of the lakes too. Bass travel in schools and feed on small fish and
other small prey that live around water. The same goes for Murray cod. These fish
are caught in shallow and deep parts of lakes and river in Australia, and feed on fish
and other aquatic prey. The prey for these fish can get a slight bigger than those of
a bass, for example: birds, large rodents, and larger reptiles. But these fish are very
extraordinary and can live with fast prey and
numerous predators that rule the waters and
can live in any type of performance based
waters (Whiterod). Because these fish live in
these conditions, they are very aggressive
and can grow to enormous sizes due to the
competition between the other predators.
Murray cod can get as big as 400 pounds.

The largest one ever recorded was almost 600 pounds. Bass do not grow this large
because they do not have a lot of competition for prey in local US waters. Thats
why most bass top out at 20 pounds if lucky enough too. But the average bass size
to catch would be less than 10 pounds.
Although the Murray cod can grow to gigantic sizes, it is not the greatest for
other fish. Murray cod consume a lot of food and is the main reason for their size.
This food is mostly the prey fish in the same waters as the Murray cod. This rapid
loss in food could lead to a food epidemic for other predatory fish in the Murray-

Darlin basin (Whiterod). This epidemic would be caused by a domino effect. That is
the loss of prey relates in less food which causes starvation and food scarcity with
other fish eaters. I pray that this doesnt happen because by the time I can afford
to go on a dream trip like this, the fish may be harder to find and less big fish to
catch. This epidemic is just a theory that could possibly happen to the fish in the
Murray-Darlin Basin in Australia.
The research I have completed for this subject has not only helped me write a
paper, but also inform me on a trip that I plan to take in the future and gives me the
knowledge I need for the trip. Because I plan on actually going fishing for this fish
one day, I found an informative article titled Murray Cod an Apex Predator in the
Murray River that explained what food source the Murray cod enjoys the most.
This gives me information that can help me when deciding the bait to use to catch
one of these monsters. The same lures used to catch bass in the United States can
be used to catch Murray cod in a completely different part of the world. Local
Murray cod fisherman in Australia fish using almost the same gear as a bass
fisherman would use. They use low profile boats to cruise through shallow parts of
the basin and fish around trees and brush on the sides. Hard and soft plastic lures
are used to mimic bait for the Murray cod and is attached to light weight rod that
allows the fisherman to quickly set the hook and pull them through thick brush or
open water. Although the giant sized Murray cod require heavier tackle and more
patience in order to find a huge fish and getting them to take your bait. The same
tackle that would be used for salt water is what most people use for trying to catch
100+ pound Murray cod. Catching a giant Murray cod would be one of my favorite
fishing experiences if I ever am lucky enough to have that opportunity.

All of the information I was able to find when researching this topic has given
me a base knowledge in order to take the dream fishing trip of my life. The articles
that I found on Murray cod fishing provided great info about the fish and gives me
the chance to plan my trip according to the facts about this fish. Due to the
similarity between this fish and my favorite fish to catch around where I live, it fuels
my intentions of going even more and creates my never ending love for fishing.

I decided to write about my dream of fishing for Murray cod in Australia for many
reasons. Australia is to me one of the most interesting and wildlife dense areas in
the world. I am an outdoors person and prefer nature rather than technology. I
grew up fishing and because of it I plan to do a lot more fishing in my future. The
information I learned from my research will provide a background to look back on
when I eventually take this vacation. I also chose this fish to fish for in my bucket
list because I have a lot of experience in the type of fishing in order to catch this
fish. Bass fishing has been a hobby of mine for years and it is a lot alike Murray cod
fishing. Because I have a huge interest in fishing, I can provide more knowledge
and information about the fish when I write my paper and know what I am talking
about or explaining in the paper.

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