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To whom it may concern
RE: Testimonial for Peter Sist
I have known Peter now for some 6 years and either directly or indirectly, he has been
involved in the education of all 3 of my daughters at St Roch’s Catholic Primary School in
Glen Iris.
The term “Education” doesn’t adequately cover all that Pete brings to the table in terms of
ideas, innovation, teamwork, teaching, living and ensiling values (by example) into the
school community in an understated, no fuss, but very powerful personal style.
Mr Sist is an educator who very successfully treads the fine line between being a respected
authority figure on one hand and being someone the kids enjoy being around and having fun
with on the other. My daughters often recount some of the funny “Mr Sist” stories; how he
dealt with a potentially difficult situation in a calm, humorous and engaging way, mostly
facilitating a group solution through getting the kids to engage and be responsible together
and leaving no one behind.
I will always remember his introduction to the parents of a new Grade 4 in which he very
clearly shared his passion and goals for teaching and learning and also educating kids in life
(both in the classroom and at home) and how the parents could help him achieve those
goals. As is his humility, he then thanked the parents for entrusting their children to his care.
His leadership skills within the school are undoubted but they go well beyond the class room
into its broader social fabric. His ability to always act with integrity, even in the toughest of
situations, has been well proven at St Roch’s and a great many of the staff, students and
parents recognise and appreciate his leadership, professionalism and loyalty.
I closing I have to share one more aspect dear to his heart. Through his lifelong involvement
in sport, he has influenced and mentored countless children in the lessons of life. This
modelling of the right way is not lost on parents either and many who have worked with him
at sporting events have remarked about his ability to remind everyone about the true value
of sports in life: Go hard and enjoy the game, but win or lose the same way; with integrity
and good sportsmanship. He still plays cricket today and prefers to play with the younger
lads, revelling in that mentoring role.
A devoted family man, his loyal and generous nature is manifest in so many different ways
and I can say without hesitation that he would be a valuable addition to any teaching team
lucky enough to secure him.

Lance Sparrow.