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Lesson Plan:

# of Days

Prior Knowledge

Read through Chapters 13(through the Trial scenes),

have discussed theme and essential questions


SWBAT: provide insight on the point of view of

different characters following along with Steves
case and how the different point of views contribute
to the context of the text


Presentation / exit slip / Quick Write



Materials Needed


Learning Task

15min Quick Write on their POV of

Steve up to the chapter
they have read thus far

Methods or Procedures
They will read the following
passage provided from the book
Sometimes I feel like I have
walked into the middle of a movie.
Maybe I can make my own movie.
The film will be the story of my
life. No, not my life, but of this
experience. I'll call it what the lady
who is the prosecutor called me.
They will include their POV of
Steve and the trial in their Quick
Write. They will also think of
specific things in their Quick Write
such as, if they believe that the
POV of others has contributed to
Steves thinking of him being a
monster, Do or do they not believe
him to be guilty, who is to blame
for Steves thinking of him being a


35min Group work: Create 3-5

slide Powerpoint
programs can be used as
well) on the characters
given point of view from

Students will get into 4 different groups,

each group will be given a different
character, the prosecutor, the defense
attorney, Steves teacher, Steves mother&
father. Students will create slides covering
the following questions: Determine the
characters POV of steve and the trial? How
does this affect Steve? Does it contribute to
his idea of being a monster? Why or Why
not? What is their POV based off of(prior
Knowledge, biased, judgement) and do
they believe Steve to be a monster? Why or
Why not?
Students will use textual evidence to
support their claims.

10min Homework/Presentation
Sign Up

Finish slides and sign up for time

slots to present the next day.

Day 2

10min Group Work


Give students about 10 minutes to

finish up on projects and ready to



10min Exit Slip/Homework


Allow groups to present to class

and have those who are not
presenting take notes on each
groups presentation. Each group
will get up to 8 minutes to present
their presentation
Exit Slip: (QW): Do the characters
Point of View affect other things
within the text? How does the POV
affect our main character Steve?
(use at least 1 examples/evidence
in notes that were taken during
Homework: Read next 3 chapters

What makes a person a monster, is it something that is inherited or is

it by choice?
What impact does the judgement of others have on self-esteem?

Does a person become a monster by choice or are they forced

into becoming a monster?
What impact do the judgments of others have on self-esteem and