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Field Experience Minneapolis Tour of Early Childhood Schools/Facilities

The purpose of these tours was to observe various early childhood approaches, methods

and settings that were discussed throughout the semester in class.

The Blake School- Highcroft Campus
301 Peavy Lane/Wayzata, MN

During our visit I observed this school was based on a project approach. The childrens artwork
covered the room. Also, during our observation, a child was presenting her project on giraffe. All
the children had to present on an animal of their choice based on their interest or curiosity. During
lunch, the teachers would eat with the children and the children were all divided between three
grade levels which demonstrated a responsive relationship. This school was very aesthetically
Lake County School
3755 Pleasant Avenue South/Minneapolis, MN
I observed during out visit the Montessori Method. The classroom was very calm and quiet. The
children directed the activities for what they wanted to do. They had an option to roam inside or
outside during the time of the observation. This method helped support the development of the
children. The outside space was planned, simple, met the needs for the children, and allowed the
children to have their own choices. The teachers never told a child they could not do something
rather, just observed them to make sure they were not being a danger to themselves or a friend.
The classroom and environment was prepared well and supported an aesthetically pleasing
People Serving People
614 Third Street/Minneapolis, MN
I learned during our visit that People Serving People followed the Creative Curriculum. Throughout
the building there were security measures in action. When you first walked in you had to walk
through metal bars and walk past the security. Also, there were cameras throughout the building.
The environment of the classrooms seemed very calm and seemed like the emotional needs of the
children were met.
Dodge Nature Center Preschool
1715 Charlton Street/West St. Paul, MN
During our visit, I observed the Dodge Nature Center followed the Reggio Emilia approach. The
environment was very welcoming and beautify. They were located on a National Nature Center. The
childrens art is valued. The children all seemed to be actively involved in the activity they selected.
Also, I observed there were many hands on experiences such as: the water table, home-made paint,
and having animals.

2200 Trail of Dreams/Prior Lake, MN
From our tour, I learned Playworks followed the Creative Curriculum Gold. They were very aware of
their childrens allergies and wanted to make sure the parents and other visitors were aware as well
so they posted allergies awareness right by the door to enter the room. They were located on an
Indian Reservation so they had exception to have a few different regulations regarding their
classrooms and financial account.