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DLT Email Message from Dr.

Tim Yeomans showing use of my SIG


DLT Message 5-04-15


Yeomans, Timothy S.


District Leadership Mail List


Friday, May 1, 2015 5:27 PM


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There are so many positives upon which focus in our organization. It has been great over the last
few months to see the work that has taken place between many of our district leaders working
together for the betterment of our school and our kids. Four examples that come to mind are the
collaborative efforts regarding a potential new potential model for transportation schedules, the
amazing work of the team leaders on the Citizen Facility Advisory Committee and Bond Task
Force, the work between ITC, our finance payroll offices and human resources to create a more
workable payroll system, and the steps forward by the team with College in the High School.
This Monday at DLT we will be reviewing the coming Board meeting agenda, and we will be
discussing our ongoing efforts to create our system in manner that interdependent work and
stewardship of projects becomes even more our culture. Again, there are many examples of this
currently occurring. This being said, we would like to take the opportunity on Monday to reflect
on some of our conversations in the past and how those relate to how we will clearly define our
Leadership, Support, Tasks, and Oversight responsibilities. Nearly all of the team have seen
drafts, I repeat drafts, of ideas about how this might be structured moving forth as always you
input is valued and welcomed. The end goal of this work is to listen to input from the team and
to make sure that we have shared participation and ownership over critical projects and ongoing
The conversation will begin on Monday and I want to make sure that we all understand that it is
an authentic opportunity for input. We will be using John Parkers work that he has done
through the UW, we will be reflecting on our planning protocol (30-60-90 etc.) and examining
our existing work for examples upon which we can build and we will be examining where gaps
have existed in the past and what the result of these gaps was to our system.
The focus of DLT remains the same! It will be our effort as a leadership team to effectively
support the work of our instructional staff through the principals to impact the experience
of each child in the district. The overall direction of the district remains unchanged as well
The improvement of Instruction, Student Growth and Achievement.

DLT Email Message from Dr. Tim Yeomans showing use of my SIG

Please know that on Wednesday, at our all district Admin meeting I am going to speak to the
group again about the focus and direction of the district as we begin to plan for our fourth year of
the work together. Also be aware that we will be opening additional seats at our table for folks
who might benefit from the conversations taking place at DLT. The purpose of both is to be
transparent and inclusive in our work.
Please know how impressed we are with the work of the DLT in service to our kids. Also know
that the efforts to reflect upon our practice and to improve our service to schools is an authentic
and aligned endeavor mirroring exactly what we are asking of everyone in our system.
Thanks for your patience and understanding of the process. Thanks for being willing to reflect
and to examine how we make our contributions as leaders in the most effective and aligned way
See you all mid-morning on Monday.

Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans

DLT Email Message from Dr. Tim Yeomans showing use of my SIG