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What I am carrying writing

This writing is one of my favorite writing from junior year English. The reason this
writing was so powerful and influential to me is because I was able to off who I am.
This writing revealed more of who I really am, even though I do enjoy technical
writings. In this writing I write about a dream that I have carried through my life.
This dream is not falsified or fake but it is reality to me. I do carry a dream and it
has helped me evolve as a person.

Ryan Loehrlein
I carry a dream. This dream I have been carrying with me for years can be a burden and it
can also be considered as my goal. I carry this dream with me because I want to strive to
achieve anything that I desire. Every time I am able to take another step closer to my dream
it makes me feel like I am proving a point to better myself for the future. My dream is
powerful and keeps me motivated to succeed so I can be the person I want to be.
My dream started when I was younger. I always had a feeling that I wanted to become a
pilot to help serve my country. As I got older I realized that my dream wasnt as hard as I
considered it to be. So I asked myself why did I carry a dream that is easily reached without
having to rely on others to help me succeed my goal. This question had an easy answer, it
is because I wanted to push myself harder to see if I could meet my dream without the
reliance on others.
My dream evolved with me as a carried it through my life so far. This dream has changed as
has my outlook on my dream has changed. When growing up my dream kept getting more
advanced and the simplicity of it was fading away. By the time I started to work toward my
dream I wanted to make it more of a challenge. Thats when I realized that this dream I carry
will always keep growing to a new extreme.
My dream has helped me grow as a person because it showed me that there is always
hope to be anything I desire. The weight of the dream is something I could never get rid of.
If I got rid of the weight of the dream then the dream would be gone and thats not an option.
Without this dream I don't know where I would be. I learned that the power of a dream can
keep you motivated to do anything you want.
Ryan Loehrlein

Science fair writings

Science fair writings may seem odd to be one of the most enjoyable
writing through my high school career, but it has been phenomenal. Science
Fair writings are extremely technical and they must be straight to the point.
From my previous writing I choose it was freer flowing and relaxed. Science
Fair has been a large part of my life through high school and this essay has
been the most empowering technical writing I have ever wrote. Science fair
at times was a struggle but writing these essays were always enjoyable.
Science Fair Background research
Helicopters have been revolutionized to accomplish any task at hand.
Must helicopters are taking new and exotic shapes, but all helicopters have
one thing in common they use and take advantage of flight capabilities.
Helicopter have been changing to new designs like a quadcopter,
hexacopter, and even an octacopter. Even though these helicopters have
additional rotors to create lift there generic function of flight is still there.
These helicopters have also been used for aerial photography, but now there
uses are expanding. Helicopters, Quadcopters, and Hexacopters are being
transformed from manned vehicles to unmanned vehicles called drones. The
goal of my project is to create a hybrid helicopter using existing
technologies, advance safety for police officer and firefighters by using aerial
vision, and applying the drone to real life scenarios other than emergency
Paul Misner says, Drones will become as normal as seeing delivery
trucks driving down the street.(Drones Are Coming) Drones are evolving
with society and will continue to follow the path towards new and exciting
capabilities. DJI headquarters wrote, DJI's most advanced technology comes
together in an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to
create the unforgettable. (DJI). Even though they say the technology is easy
to build, it isnt unless one system is used in the whole process of creation.
To design the Guardian Angel DJIs technology will be used to create a safe
and reliable motherboard and GPS system. DJI equipment has already been
through vigorous testing and design processes before it is released to the
market. By using DJI as the brain to the Guardian Angel there will be less

troubleshooting and hassle to make the system flow together. Even

eliminating the possibility for equipment error there will still be integrating
technologies to make the drone fly. By using the DJI systems there are many
routes that can be taken for the receiver/ transmitter. One of the most
reliable systems that work with DJIs equipment stunningly well is Spektrum.
Spektrum wrote, True breakthroughs don't happen very often in the
industry. Fasten your seatbelts to discover the benefits of a first-of-itskind product certain to improve safety, convenience and reliability of R/C
aircraft flight. (Spektrum.) By reading through the reviews and processes
Spektrum does to ensure safety, convince, and reliability there was only
one choice for this drone. The technologies and electronics on the drone
is just one part of integration that is required for a successful drone. The
Guardian Angel cannot take flight without a frame or support arms, which
will be 3-D printed and designed by using measurements of screw holes
and lengths from DJIs products. There was in depth research to
determine if the 3-D printing plastic would be strong enough for flight.
Fred Fischer from Stratasys wrote, ABS materials are an excellent choice
for models, prototypes, patterns, tools and end-use parts. Forty to seventy
percent stronger than the FDM materials and offer greater tensile, impact,
and flexural strength. (Fischer) This eliminated any worries with the strength
of the plastic. Integrating technologies is a lengthy but worthwhile process.
Law enforcement safety should be at the top of anyones priority.
The IACP President Mark A. Marshall, Chief of Police, Smithfield Police
Department states, The horrific shootings of multiple police officers already
in 2011 have made officer safety a large issue on my mind and on the minds
of every police chief in this country. After witnessing a nearly 40 percent
increase in the number of officers killed in the line of duty in 2010, we have
observed that 2011 so far has been even more deadly. (Police Chief
Magazine) This statement shows that as the years pass police officers safety
is drooping. Police officers need new equipment to help them guarantee
safety during any type of situation from hostile situations to the occasional
thief at Walmart. Drones are the way to increase safety in officers. Scott
Mayerowitz said, The first uses of drones are likely to be remote, in sparsely
populated areas. Some applications for drones are helping firefighters
police officers assessing damage and inspecting oil spills.(Drones are
coming) Many people have already noticed the wide variety of drone uses
but havent implemented them into society. The Guardian angel has the
potential to become an eye in the sky, weather monitor, forest fire helper,
and even more. Drones already have the capability to become FPV (First
Point of View) systems but at short distances. Law enforcement officers
would be able to use this technology that is being integrated into the
Guardian Angel. With the FPV system law enforcement agencies would be
able to fly inside a hostile situation and determine the threat without sending
an officer inside. This keeps officers out of harms way. Drones could also be
used to monitor a building that law enforcement agencies are doing a search

through to make sure no one is trying to escape. This drone can also has the
capability to be used to monitor forest fires and keep track of all firefighters
fighting the fire. Drones are key to reducing the number of deaths of life
threatening injuries as long as they are implemented in the correct manner.
Drones are becoming a part of society lets allow them to help fight alongside
are law enforcement agencies to ensure safety.
Drones can be created with advance technology but be applied to
practical uses. Harvest Public Media wrote, At farm shows across the
country, drones have become as ubiquitous as John Deere tractors. The
Colorado Farm Show earlier this year included an informational session,
telling farmers both the technical and legal challenges ahead.(As rules get
Sorted out) Farms are using drones to fly above their crops to determine
where plants such as corn, wheat, or barley isnt growing sufficiently so they
can spray it with chemicals to help the crops grow. This is one major use a
drone can do for the common public. Another use drones can help
revolutionize in society is FAA ATIS codes. ATIS is a weather service pilots use
before taking off and landing. A problem with ATIS is it only collects data
hourly. In one hour weather can be completely different than it was when
data was collected. A drone could be equipped with the correct sensors to
replace or help ATIS codes. More frequent ATIs codes could help a pilot make
a decision if they are wanting to take off or land but nervous about weather
systems. Drones are can be extremely universal and can do almost any task.
The courier & press wrote an article that stated, 20 uses for unmanned
aircraft farmer drone, Industry, hobbyists, delivery drones, surveillance,
expanding cell service, offering vantage points, and solving unique
challenges. (Drones are Coming) These are some more opportunities that
the public could use drones for. Drones are revolutionizing how people are
thinking to solve remote and bizarre ideas. These unique devices can do
almost anything is equipped with the correct materials.
Drones are revolutionizing the way society looks at unmanned
aircrafts. The Guardian Angel is a device that will have the potential to help
law enforcement agencies or fire fighters save lives. The goal of my project is
to create a hybrid helicopter using existing technologies, advance safety for
police officer and firefighters by using aerial vision, and applying the drone to
real life scenarios other than emergency situations. With todays existing
technology it is possible to revolutionize the drone industry once again.
Research shows that it is possible to create and integrate different parts from
various companies to create one functional drone. Its time to allow heroic
acts to start taking flight.

Scholarship essay

This essay is short, to the point, but abstract. My personal writing style is
shown here in this essay. This essay is about my personal environment. My
environment was hard to describe because most people dont believe what I
have done or where I can go. Every time I picture myself in a calm relaxing
area this is where I go. This essay about my environment is me and only me
shining through the clouds.
My Environment
One day I read a quote written by Albert Einstein which said, Look deep into nature
and then you will understand everything better. This quote made me come to the
realization that there is only one place on earth where I feel like nothing could go
wrong. I feel at ease and peaceful when I am flying in the clouds. When I explain
this to others they think it is outrageous and crazy that I find peace when Im flying
a plane. I explain to them that everyone has an environment that they enjoy and
my environment is five thousand feet above the ground. When I am flying, I feel like
I can see all the beauties and miracles of the world. The wilderness in the clouds
makes me feel weightless and empowering. Even though I am sitting in a plane, I
still feel like I am one with everything. This is the one place I know I can go and be

at ease with any problem I am facing. My environment isnt just a place to go and
escape the world, but it is also a place to have faith in my abilities and knowledge of
flight. Since I am the pilot that keeps the plane soaring through the majestic sky, I
have to have a strong knowledge of my miraculous environment. I have faith that
even when I am faced with a mechanical problem, my guardian angel is flying by
my side keeping me airborne. There is something about the sky that keeps me
wanting to return and never leave. My life is stressful but when I am in the air my
worries evaporate and form into the majestic clouds that help me keep admiring my
gorgeous environment.

College essay writing

This is the hardest essay I have ever written. Since and early age I have never been
good at writing stories. I have always been able to write about real events or
technically , but never fictional work. Once I started to get the flo of my core topic I
sprung into reality and was able to write a tremendous amount in a short amount of
time. This essay was a challenge but one of my favorites.
A good story starts with a good beginning. Get us hooked in the first 150 words.
Flying over the Alaskan wilderness has become one of my favorite activities. The serenity and
gorgeous environment became a way to release my stress, but I will always remember one day
in particular. This day is so vivid it seems like Im there when I recall the sequence of events.
Like any other flight it was bitterly cold with a light mist. The environment looked gorgeous until I
noticed ice forming on the wings and the engine slowly being pressed to maintain altitude. I tried
evasive maneuvers throwing my plane left and right to get rid of the ice, but nothing seemed to
help. The plane was dropping altitude at an astonishing rate. Once I hit one thousand feet above
the ground I thought my life was over. The only thing left to do was say words that felt familiar

when I was a child. I started repeating the Lords Prayer; our father, who art in heaven, hallowed
be thy name, I keep repeating these words. Once I said the prayer at least 10 times I felt like I
was in the lords hand, and was perfectly content with my faith. Then I heard a bang coming
from the wings.