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Sls hiéws ee MAE4S0 Exam #1 February 13, 2006 1, The composite wall of an oven consists of three materials, two of which are known thermal conductivity, kx~20W/m-K and ke=50W/m-K with thicknesses of L4=0.30m and Le=0.15m, The third material is sandwiched between materials A and C has thickness L5=0.15m but unknown thermal conductivity. Under steady state operating conditions temperatures are measured on the inside exposed surfaces of T;=600°C while the outer wall temperature is T:=20°C and the oven air temperature is T,j800°C with convection coefficient 25 Wim?-K. What is the thermal conductivity of material B? w w 0 oer koe 0 hai = 25 mk mk mK kaa. LAs 05m ak LB 0.1Sm LC= 015m Ths (600 +273.15}K T2:= (20+ 273.15-K Tair := (800 + 273.15)K Given Tair TH u-p o TA IB LC far KAA” “KBB” KOC KAR Find(kBB) kBB rs K 2. Consider the model of a cutting tool tip shown in the figure where the upper surface is exposed 0 a heat flux of go = 60,000Wim’ and the diagonal surface is exposed to cooling convection of Tyssian=50°C with h =10 Wim?-K, The tool is attached to a constant temperature surface that maintains the temperature the point of attachment (points labeled Land 2 at T;=50°C, and Ty=50°C. The cutting tool has thermal conductivity of Kooi=10W/m-K. Use a finite difference method (Ax=: 10mm) to estimate the temperature of the tip of the tool, Ts. w ge: 60000 TR: (S0-427.1S>K THe (S04 273.15)-KTSe= TH Teool = (50+ 273.15)K —heool= 102 ga = 10. AK 10-mm ay = 10mm 2 mk mK Given (12-13) | | ax keoot EAT? oA + hoot L?.ax-(Teo0l - 73) #0 eyemrereaL ars mp sx(Teoo! - 73) (aes Finders) 73 =382313 K TB 2721S-K = 109,163 K 3, Consider a support rod (k=15W/m-K, a = 4.0x10"%m*/see, p=8000kg/m’, ,=468.75J/kg-K ) of diameter D=15mm and length L = 100mm spans a channel whose walls are maintained at 300K. Suddenly, the rod is exposed to a cross flow of hot gases at a temperature of 600K and h=75 W/m?-K. Using a finite difference method and a spacing of Ax=25mm along the length of the rod, find the temperature at the midpoint of the support rod, x=50mm after 100sec of exposure to the hot gases, Ignore the effects of radiation. 2 wee 1 aese 401078 pre 8000-8 apes 468.75 Dre 15mm mk see i kk w Lr:= 00mm ——Twall:= 300K Tyas:= 600-K gas = 75 x:= 25mm a a= mK qonzog THT BOK The 300K (ay Top: TO Tips T= T2pi= 72 fe aes 2 Using Impicit can take At= 100 sec in one step and not worry about stability. Given tee GR=TD «po EPTD 4 pnepo stent) pep dc in HED Tp os eR rao TAT2D 5 pga Dr (tgs — 129) # repr ac a + gan Dr (Tams Tap) = prep Ae 2-8 lie) aed Find(T1p, T2p) a = ; Tip=37789K Tap #390301 K fe agi or At ee Fo:= Fo = 0.64 ie we 4, Helium gas at 25°C and Sbars is stored in a spherical Pyrex (SiO) container of 200mm inside diameter with 20mm wall thickness. What is the rate of mass loss from the container? Helium has a molecular weight of 4. sHesio2 = 0.45.1¢7 7 2OLtON0 ID := 200mm th:= 20mm OD:= ID + 2h bar ian Ditesioas= at 10" PE eek Piie:= &-bar ‘rot 1000 et wee vhoffel := SHeSi02-PHe MHe shotfed= 0 Le i: Cras chottel = 0.014 : thet ~ rholie2 7 i) : Nitee Hotel = rooted at wi isa (oeaoe ABE “ax DHesiog LID OD, Ne = 4.343. 107 18