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MAE 450/CHE 442 EXAM #2 Fall 2005 L ‘Air at atmospheric pressure and temperature of 27°C is in parallel flow at a velocity of Sm/sec over a one-meter long flat plate that is heated with uniform heat flux ‘of 1250W/m?. What is the average temperature of the plate? Air at a temperature of 37°C, velocity of 1Sm/sec, and relative humidity of 25% flows over a long cylinder of 20mm in diameter. The cylinder is covered with a thin porous coating that is saturated with water, and an imbedded electrical heater supplies power to maintain the surface coating temperature at 22°C, What is the evaporation rate ‘of water from the cylinder per unit length (kg/sec-m)? Set Water ow surface Bt : Te SS Te zane Ls aa gr25% ees a 2 A thin walled, un-insulated 0.3m diameter duct is used to route chilled air at 0.05 kg/sec through the attic of a large commercial building. The attic air is 37°C and has some circulation causing a Im/sec cross-flow of attic air over the outside of the duct. If chilled air enters a 15m section of the duct at a temperature of 7°C, what is the exit temperature of the air? Qwhat peng r 537% 7,21 ha afore tits UZ IomZe - er reper ary Mat if Im F7t 4. Consider a steam boiler in which the electric heating element is 15mm thick and is generating electrical power dissipation of 7x10" W/m’. The heating element is mmersed in saturated water at one atmosphere pressure and saturated temperature of CC. The top surface of the heating element has a thin protective nickel coating and the | surface is well insulated. The heating element has thermal conductivity of 7 Heat “of Clement gZ ae Wh? TF? Frwsn lated surface Fox atts 406k Sample Cran’ Oo awe ——> Find: Tpke 49'S 1260 Mint Guess Tplales Joke TMB © 364 COLES EOC “Te 50 & Fe Baxi Ca Ve tosexte fz Reve Vi _ 10) VS Bogert t= 234006 ZUEGES Nucz 216 36t= he Ve tscerriw€ ye DRE 21099 Pra bis KE [USee F264) CT- 38) blot Caer Get oft pup; heau @ Toe sd Go eee fisced Crasec ter Noes CRSA BASIN = he a Calg Fhe: ae6sH tee 7 wine Rep= thd. Lurhaled Table AN@orie pe CAM MdysT)? MASS ©!) Me beta? = an feet : es x10 26S xo Pee oe Cp 160605 x10? OWE Tesi * c a1 WF) ee : Bist rp ge % BHT PE (e221) Ter To Bassst Tou “Tei ~ PP (OE Tbtspts? Te =O MUL) Chase trees’ fo foes i Bee cor (WEE Yess — a ak