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MAE 450 /CHE 442 Exam #2 Fall Semester 2005 He, G.R. Karr, Instructor Name: a) ee November 2, 2005 This exam is open book; Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, Incropera and DeWitt, Fifth Edition. The entire class period from 2:20 PM to 3:40 PM will be allowed for working the four problems. You should allow about 20 minutes for each problem. ‘You may use your own paper or the paper provided. Do not write below this line. 1 2A 2 LE 23 3. a TOTAL j ¢ MAE 450/CHE 442 EXAM #2 Fall 2005 1. Air at atmospheric pressure and temperature of 27°C is in parallel flow at a velocity of Sm/sec over a one-meter long flat plate that is heated with uniform heat flux of 1250W/m?. What is the average temperature of the plate? Ss yet 27% TS ua eee > = /A50 Vn He fem oh 2. Air at a temperature of 37°C, velocity of 15m/sec, and relative humidity of 25% flows over a long cylinder of 20mm in diameter. The cylinder is covered with a thin porous coating that is saturated with water, and an imbedded electrical heater supplies power to maintain the surface coating temperature at 22°C. What is the evaporation rate Of water from the cylinder per unit length (kg/sec-m)? ¢ Set water om surface = 37 we == eal Wes P : > ae f B~25% 7 3/ A thin walled, un-insulated 0.3m diameter duct is used to route chilled air at 0.05 keg/sec through the attic of a large commercial building. The attic air is 37°C and has some circulation causing a Im/sec cross-flow of attic air over the outside of the duct. If chilled air enters a 15m section of the duct at a temperature of 7°C, what is the exit temperature of the air? fra EC ) bo Tn FI Consider a steam boiler in which the electric heating element is 15mm thick and is generating electrical power dissipation of 7x10’ Wim’, The heating clement is immersed in saturated water at one atmosphere pressure and saturated temperature of 100°C. The top surface of the heating element has a thin protective nickel coating and the bottom surface is well insulated. The heating element has thermal conductivity of 50W/m-K. What is the temperature of the heating element upper and lower surfaces? Sat Water @ soot a Ose ¢ 4. T=? Heating Clement ZAP HO Who? f Desn lated sarkace Ni USuls bela ge 128° Ye Mu Wenn MME ¢ G0 aa : 7 - a Exam & LU . nyo A assem T= $00 Te~ took Vien asserts Bahetion toy wleble. er YOo® eeelie de be Gag ue Ser C de isi C0 ee ees GF 100 7 Lawlor ee 5 ban BS: ae - 1250 = 4 Cr, -Te) Wie cae b,? be % i k> ot. de> — 064 (3236) (eV Geae a 2H 8 BO ape ht h + 3.35 707 Y,2 12S OF 3.85 » [T,- Fos) yee \ \ = £23.45~ iy mare Han 100 bof ut Ws See yee tad dal gose Use TUS onswer adecele pel Leber salotioy