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MAE442 Exam #2 March 16, 2005 1. In problem 7.104, find the heat loss from the flat wetted surface for the case where air at atmospheric pressure is in parallel flow over a 0.5-m long plate whose surface is ‘wetted with water, The air velocity is 35 m/sec, the air temperature is 300K, and the air relative humidity is 50%. (In HMWK problem 7.104, the air was dry.) The temperature of the wetted plate is maintained at 350K. What is the heat loss from the wetted surface? Assume the plate is one meter wide, 2. In problem 8.59, consider the case of the thick walled steel pipe (k = 60 Wim-K) carrying hot water and cooled extemally by a cross-flow air stream at a velocity of 20m/s and a temperature of -25°C. The inner and outer diameters of the pipe are Di=20mm and Do=25mm, respectively. The hot water enters the pipe at a temperature of 360K at a flow rate of 0.12kg/sec. What is the temperature of the water atthe exit of the 10-meter pipe? 3. In the air tank problem 9.30, consider the case of the inside air at one-atm pressure and temperature of 400K while the outside air is also at one-atm and a temperature of 300K. ‘The 2.5m high vertical tank has diameter of 0.75m. The tank wall is thin and the thermal resistance of the wall can be neglected. Find the heat loss through the wall and determine the temperature of the wall. Neglect radiation effects. o=F00K ieee : oni T.22 * Receiver wail 4. In problem 8.40, the heating of the air was found assuming that the temperature of the tube wall was constant corresponding to the condensation of the saturated steam on the outer surface of the inner thin walled tube. In chapter 10 we found that condensation on the outside of a tube cannot be assumed to be a constant surface temperature case (see for example problem 10.61). To correct this fact for problem 8.40, consider that the convective heat transfer coefficient on the outside for the steam condensation to be 4000W/m?-K. The saturated steam pressure is 2.455 bar and the thin walled tube has diameter Di=0.05m. Air at Satm enters the inner tube at a temperature of 17°C and at a flow rate of 0.03kg/sec. What is the exit temperature of the air leaving the Smeter long, tube? Ww ee ee a OOK [Exam ay Mie Ltt geo} Sy ue 855 Te pee etal Oo Post i aoe — fu los 7 7 Trnwnes 32K WELTED Te=550K hd Groton > Gem +Gevap Cee Abe 1K ‘a= A TKO gerne nr hrs (Prisar CT) — pa) fra Uy oy, Piers Ysai8 OE) Be fae Beak 822072 Ve 18 WS x1o-* Re we GIES |. WOR Extek BSx1o7> PETOSRIO™® Ga. Pez 2085 Mi, = 03h - 911 PB = Ab Pag - 2extot gz ie A= 10.0564 2%, =. 000Us Th = 037 Rea 80 528= bwd Sez _ BM 5x10? Q2192 Ds eS faz 0atg ted 7 gemo=(.01n6)C 7519x109) ( Jaade- .o1ero)= 25959. qeoww WAC TeTee) 22 0.6564YSX (350-30) = 5/64) 2 16215. BW Dp EC0 Tok TaoeZ He eel A the 6h isa owe Tox ean. Ups) ne Too = Ten, op Die com TP Torsten tik York Reonn= Inn). 54 NObbs xo Us a» We ZNO * fobs Pe A b ae : atid 7 T2550 & Tens 24848°_ 2098 WO z