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Lesson Plan Form

CSUDH - Teacher Education Department

Grade Level(s):1st
Date: TBA
Standard(s): Standard(s): Number and Operations in Base Ten
Single/Multi-Day Lesson:Single1.NBT Understand place value.
Day Lesson
3. Compare two two-digit numbers based on meanings of tens and
ones digits, recording the results of comparisons with the symbols >,
=, and<,
Language Standards K - 5
Conventions of Standard English
1. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard
English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
Writing Standards K 2
Production and Distribution of Writing
8. With guidance and support from adults, recall information
from experiences or gather information from provided
sourcesto answer a question.
I. DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT & CONTENT TYPE (Fact, Procedure, Concept, or
Principle):Students will be able to identify which number is greater. (Concept)
II. LEARNING OUTCOME (Objective): Students will be able to compare two numbers using the signs
greater than, equal to, or less than.
III. CURRICULUM CONNECTION (How lesson fits into larger unit sequence):This lesson comes
after the students learn that two-digit numbers represent amounts of tens and ones.
A ENGAGEMENT (Motivational Activities):The students will watch the YouTube video, Number
Gator (Greater than, less than symbols song), which explains how to use the symbols greater than,
equal to, or less than correctly.
B INSTRUCTIONAL SEQUENCE (Teaching Methodology with Student Activities):
Candidate: Lizeth Loaiza

C Step #1 Review
a By looking at the chart, students will discuss what greater than, equal to, or less than means.
b Teacher will be listening to students response.
Step #2 Engagement
a Students will watch a YouTube video, Number Gator (Greater than, less than symbols
b Teacher will observe students.
Step #3 Review Engagement
a Students will discuss what they saw from the YouTube video. They will share their
responses to the whole class.
b Teacher will walk around to make sure students are focused on the discussion.
Step #4 Show me the answer!
a Teacher will write sample problems on the board. Students using thumbs up or down will
decide how to use the greater than, equal to, or less than signs.
b Teacher will be observing students and giving them feedback if needed.
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Step #5 Application activity (Working in math journal)

a Students will complete several problems in their math journal. They can work on these
problems alone or in pairs.
b The teacher will walk around and monitor how the students are doing.
D APPLICATION ACTIVITY (Practice and/or Reflection):Students will work on their math
E MATERIALS & RESOURCES: You-tube video, white board, markers, pencils, math journals,
vocabulary charts, signs.

V. ASSESSMENT STRATEGIES (Methods for Obtaining Evidence of Learning):

Formative Assessment: Walking around monitoring students responses and giving students feedback.
Summative Assessment: Students writing in their math journal.
Working in pairs
Visual aids
Questioning to make sure that the content is comprehendible to ELL students
Hands on activities

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