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Hannah Jerome
Period 3

Hurricane Hanna started to form just east-northeast of the northern

Leeward Islands on August 28. The cyclone struck Myrtle Beach, South
Carolina, right before moving up the Eastern Seaboard to become
anextratropical cyclone, while moving by New England into the
Canadian Maritimes early in the morning on September 7.

Background Information
Date of Hanna:
August 28, 2008-September 7, 2008
o Hurricane Hanna effected these areas:
-Atlantic Canada
-Puerto Rico
-Turks and Caicos Island
-Eastern Coast of the United States

o Hurricane Hanna was the deadliest hurricane of the hurricane season

in 2008.

Background Information
o Hurricane Hanna was rated a Category 1 Hurricane

Characteristics of a Category 1 Hurricane:

A tropical storm with winds of 39-73 mph becomes a hurricane
when it's winds near the center reach 74 mph. The storm surge
is generally 4-5 feet above normal. Damage is mostly to trees
and shrubbery, with no real building damage. Average wind
speed for a cat. 1 is 74-95mph. Minimum central pressure (980

Characteristics of each Category Hurricane

o Hurricane Hanna had caused approximately 537

deaths. It caused the most damage in Haiti.
o Hurricane Hanna caused the United States $160
million for damages
o Because this hurricane wasnt the strongest it did
not cause a lot of structural damages. Just some
broken shingles,

Federal Preparation for Hurricane Hannah

The Federal Emergency Management Agency

did a broad cast for preparations for Hurricane Hanna
on September 3, 2008. And it hit the Eastern coast on
September 7, 2008. They gave a 3 day advance.
In places like Turks and Caicos Islands closed school
early, and also transported lots of people into
shelters to be safe. And also to gather enough supplies
for the storm. Because Hurricane Hannah had just followed
Hurricane Gustav which had happened about a week
before, there was not mush they could do.

After Hanna they could not do much because Hurricane Ike was right on its tail
Ike was also supposed to be a Category 4 hurricane which would cause a lot
more damage compared to Hanna.

In my opinion I do not think much more could have been done to minimize
damages because Gustav was a Category 4 hurricane that left many
without power and supplies. And then with Hanna coming a week later
and after Hannah was Ike. Which was another Category 4.

Hurricane Hannah Forecast

Hurricane Hanna 2008

Possible South Carolina Landfall of Hurricane Hanna

Raw Video: Aftermath from Hurricane Hanna

Weve had another 24 hours of high winds and drenching rains

as Haiti felt the effects of nearby tropical storm Hannah. The rain
started around midnight Monday night and when we got up yesterday
morning, our flat roof had several inches of water on it, the storage
depot was flooded and there were several tree branches down in the yard.
It rained on and off all day, with intermittent heavy winds, but we
did not suffer any further damage. We talked with friends in Port-au-Prince,
who said that several areas there were flooded again. The worst hit area
was Gonaives and St. Marc, with extensive flooding leaving thousands homeless.

Haiti is the country in this region that

is least able to weather a storm of any
size. Even just a hard rain can result in
death and destruction. Over the last
week, two major storms hit Haiti.
Hurricane Gustav was a Category Two
hurricane when it made ground in
Jacmel, bringing ninety mile per hour
winds and pounding rain to the area.
At the beginning of this week,
Hurricane Hanna took a second swipe
at the island, leaving the towns of
Gonaives and Les Cayes underwater.

He has killed over 90 people in Haiti due

to floods and mudslides, in addition to the
75 Haitians killed by Hurricane Gustav.
Haiti, an impoverished nation of 9 million
souls, was already on the edge of starvation
before these two storms. Most Haitians live
on less than $2 a day and the meteoric rise
in the price of oil, along with manipulation
of global markets by hedge funds, had
already caused food shortages.

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