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Bullied. Truth. Hurts (Final)

Many advertisements always use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade other people to buy
a product or to spread awareness. There are many adverts that can persuade young children into
buying toys or anything that can interest a young childs parent to buy for them. There are other
advertisement that is good for adult like spreading the awareness if they donate to a certain
organization to benefit others, or any awareness from health to political issues that is going
around us. Some advertisement sometime can go very extreme to the point the audience are
convinced that they should buy this prompted product. We see many advertisements everyday
no matter where we are at, we see them on a billboard while driving or walking along the
freeways. We also visualize this kind of advertisements on television and online of product we
should buy or awareness. Although smoking advertisement has good logic, the bullying, youth,
teen on LGBT is more successful because it's realistic, factual and enlightening.
However the smoking advertisement was a good space, its just that many people in the
community seem to be aware of smoking. The smoking is a good space to talk roughly, but the
awareness is not as severe as bullying, teen Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT).

Lam 2
The smoking can educate others about smoking and how smoking can affect them in life if they
do smoke. The smoking is trying to help out the community so the young adult can live a
healthier lifetime. The smoking advertisement is trying to persuade other people to give up
smoking, especially the younger ones in the teenage year.
In both spacing there are ethos, pathos, and logos so the audience knows what is being
given. Aristotle created rhetoric triangles so when we compose or make a speech, we can
convince the audiences about what subject one is speaking about. Aristotle theory to attain to
good argument is to have the triangle effect which consists of ethos for credibility, logos for
logical, and pathos for emotion.
In the first source ethos is set by Aristotle is being trustworthy. Ethos is equal to
trustworthiness, an audience is more likely to be persuaded by someone who they, trust and this
is largely independent of the subject being presented. If the audience trust you, then they expect
that what you are differentiating them is true. Another thing that advertisement has pathos, is a
quality of an experience in life or work of art that stirs up emotion of compassion, sympathy and
sorrow. Pathos can be expressed through speech, pictures or even with gestures of the body. The
last thing advertisements uses are logos which is defined as logos or the appeal to logic, means to
convince an audience by use of logic or reason.
In the two advertisement the logos are very consistent and informative. The first spacing
is about LGBT youth bullying this space give a lot about logic of what happen to young teens
who are bossed around by other student about their sexual orientation. In the smoking
advertisement the logic is clearly proven that when one became a smoke or is a smoker, there, is
a cost youll get if one smoke such as getting yellow teeth and getting gum disease.

Lam 3
This advertisement has effective factual on the LGBT youth bullying. This show a lot of
logic and fact of what occurs to young teens who are bullied in the states. The National School
Climate survey by the GLSEN stated that not all LGBTQ feel safe in school, 65 percent of the
people they survey said they felt unsafe due to sexual oriented. . Most young teens are more like
to miss school because young teen have been bullied by other students about their sexual
orientation. 32 percent of the survey said students do not go to school for one day because they
felt unsafe. 20 percent students said that there having trouble learning in class when it comes to
test and exams. Many students that are being bullied in school, school administrators dont even
care about the bullying that is occurring into school campus or classroom. The school campus
should make student who are sexually oriented feel safe for the students' learning environments.
A fact that is used to demonstrate how many young teenager crime suicides. Also show
us how many teens are being harassed that is directing them to have low self-esteem that can be
lead to suicide. This also shows statics of many young teenagers who have been bullied due
their sexual orientation and that there are no show of report to these types of bullied. LGBT
youth in America conducted a survey that 42 percent people in the community did not accept
who they are.
In the two advertisements there is pathos. If there was no emotion they wont have made
both of these advertisements for awareness. The smoking advertisement shows You get your
smoke for free or do you? The smoking advertisement shows You set out your smoke for free
or do you? It's trying to say that even though you are smoking and receiving them for free
doesnt mean it's free there is a cost to that. It clearly indicates that when you became a smoke
or is a smoker, there is a cost youll get if you smoke such as getting yellow teeth and getting
gum disease. The LGBT youth, teen bullying is more realistic because young teen are being

Lam 4
bullied about their sexual orientation. This is an important controversial thing because most
young teen doesnt know who to turn to, to talk about their problem. Most of these young teen
are not very open to other and they keep everything to themselves and not sharing out. This is
advertised to tell us what happened to these young teens when they are bullied by the people they
know and what occurs to these teens when they are being pushed around.
Both advertisement has good pathos, but the smoking is very common in the community,
but in the other hands the LGBT youth bully teen is not as common as the smoking. Most young
teens are more like to miss school because young teen have been bullied about their sexual
orientation. A fact that is used to express how many young teen crime suicides. Also show us
how many teenagers are being harassed that is leading them to have low self-esteem that can be
lead to suicide. This also shows statics of many young teenagers who have been bullied due
their sexual orientation and that there are no show of report to these types of bullying.
The ethos in the two ads is that there both are coming from a credible sources. The
smoking advertisement is produced by The Real Cost organization. This is helping out the
community by passing around the awareness of smoking to young adults. In the LGBT youth
bullying the credible source is from bullying statistics. The ethos in the LGBT is aware of the
parents or community so they can find a path to stop LGBT young youth bullying.
The most successful ethos advertisement is the smoking because a lot of people recognize
this organization and they always want to promote anti-smoking. This organization always
stating the true fact or consequences of smoking. When they quoted smoking cigarettes can
cause yellow teeth, bad breath and gum disease is true because having gum disease an affect
your whole body, such as having heart disease which can lead up to a heart attack. Also

Lam 5
developing diabetes also premature in birth. This is being advertised so we wont have these
type of problem. This organization is putting out the awareness for young adults.
The intended argument is what appears in the advertisement that can manipulate others
and then it is a false statement that they are making. The real argument is what is true of what
the advertisement is actually trying to say to promote products and awareness. Both of these
combine can create a strong advertisement to show the audience the actual promotion. This can
bring out the realistic of the advertisement.
The intended argument in the LGBT young youth bullying is showing a map that is
stating facts. The real controversy is that many young youth, teens are being targeted by their
sexual orientation. The intended argument in the smoking advertisement is that the consequences
of smoking can cause yellow teeth and not having a perfect smile. The real argument is to
inform smokers about their health and the outcomes that come with the smoking.
Many of the advertisement are always attempting to target the young children when it
comes to toys that they should get. Other advertisement targets older adults so they can donate to
curtain organization. The intended audiences are the people who is actually being persuaded on
buying the product or paying attention to the awareness in the advertisement.
In the LGBT young youth, teen bullying the targeted audiences are the parents, school
administrators, and the students or others teen who are bullying other teens. The audience is for
the parents and to other young youth that is being targeted and should stand up for themselves.
This is targeted the parent because they should teach their children to speak up for themselves
and helping out others that are being pushed around. The parent should know that no child
should be pushed around or being harassed by another teen or students around school and the
community. The audience in the smoking advertisement is targeting the people who smoke and

Lam 6
the middle age group. The organization of The Real Cost is advertising smoking so people
prefer to live a better lifestyle. Both of the advertisement are awareness in the community can
find ways to solve problem with these types of issues.
Both of this spacing are important in todays society. This thing does occur to young
teens but were not taking this advertisement seriously or know this kind of awareness that is
going on around the community. Bullying and telling the truth can hurt people, but this is telling
us older generation to be open minded of these types of awareness that is attempting to help us so
we can solve the problem. Such as a young youth being bullied due to their sexuality orientation
is telling us to speak up and help the younger youth out. The smoking advertisement is telling us
that smoking is bad for our health, they only want us to be healthy and strong.
The most successful spacing I think is the best is the LGBT young youth bullying
because the smoking is very common and many people should recognize the consequences of
smoking. In the LGBT young youth bullying would be successful because not everyone in the
community is mindful of this type of bullying and that there is no way to fix it. By advertising
this can serve the LGBT teen come out of their shell and have support from the community,
school, families and friends. If there is no documentation from people young teen will not open
up and share their experiences. LGBT teen who are bullied will not report these type of bullying
or experience there are no way these issues can be resolved by others. Bullying can ruin
somebody or someone's social life and loss of self-esteem.
In reality peoples and parent dont know what is going on in a young teen life and dont
know how to state their sexual orientation. Many people should accept who these youth, teens
are that they should not veil it from society. These teens should be able to show themselves
because they are human and they should be heard. It's hard for a teenager to talk about their

Lam 7
sexual orientation because they know that there will be no one to support them. These young
youth, teens dont know who and where to turn to. In society we should change this issue and
defend the young youth that are being bullied by others teens and stand up for them.
Even though both advertisements are making a good points for awareness about smoking
and bullying we can eliminate some of these problems and helping out others giving support of
one another. In the smoking advertisement has good logic, however the bullying, youth, teen on
LGBT is more successful because it's realistic, factual and enlightening. Not many people know
about this awareness that is going on around them. This advertisement states a fact, so parents
can be mindful. Stating the fact of the issues can help change a young youth tend to solve their
problem that is functioning on in their life. The fact that show statics can help decrease the
causes of crediting suicide and missing school rate. This can open up to the community so the
trouble can be solved.

Lam 8

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