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Jennifer Mendoza

LBS 400-Senior Seminar

History-Social Science Framework
The History-Social Science Framework discusses the knowledge and skills that children
should acquire from kindergarten to twelfth grade. It states the major goals and curriculum
strands. The goals are categorized into three different areas including Knowledge and Cultural
Understanding, Democratic Understanding and Civic Values, and the Skills Attainment and
Social Participation. These goals are interconnected and enhance the curriculum. The framework
notes that there are essential learnings that students must acquire which are known as curriculum
strands. These strands are included in all grade levels and are deepened in each succeeding grade
level. Some of these strands include historical, ethical, cultural, geographical, economic, and
sociopolitical literacy. The curriculum for each grade level is included. The knowledge required
for the primary grades includes from knowing how to properly locate and interpret areas on a
map to understanding the structure of the US government.
The classes that have prepared me the most for history-social science instruction include
HIS 301, 012, 086, LBS 375 and GEO 350. HIS 301 focused on the role that race and ethnicity
played in the building of communities and in the history of Los Angeles. I became aware of the
different resources that can be used to conduct research and was able to access archival sources
from the University Archives. History 012 focused on the political, economic, social and cultural
development of the US from 1877 to the present. This course showed how industrialization,
immigration, and urbanization affected American society. History 086 covered the development
of world civilizations from the pre-history period up until the 1500s. I learned about the major
world religions as well as important philosophies that impacted cultures in various ways. LBS
375 concentrated on the history of California including its physical landscape, the development
of its economy, as well as the impact of Spanish exploration. I learned in further detail the effects

of the Gold Rush on the state. Lastly, GEO 350 taught me how to interpret maps and recognize
geographical patterns. The topic of globalization was mentioned throughout the course as was
population change and the way the landscape has been altered due to human activity.
The areas of History-Social Science that I would feel the most comfortable teaching
would include geographic literacy which involves being able to utilize maps to find locations as
well as interpreting information on them. I would also feel comfortable in discussing basic
economic topics and familiarizing students with globalization. Moreover, I could teach how to
locate primary and secondary sources as well as how to develop credible arguments based on
evidence. Also, I would not feel confident in teaching about early explorers and the various
contributions that they made. I need to review the material that was covered in History 086 so
that I can give descriptions and specific information regarding early exploration in the Americas.
Another area that I do not feel confident teaching would be in describing the American Indian
nations including their beliefs and traditions. I am not familiar with many of these tribes and
would need to review this material in order to teach it effectively.
The artifacts that I will include in my portfolio are essays from my history classes. A
History 012 essay demonstrates that I can evaluate the social-cultural development of an ethnic
group focusing on a particular time period. This shows my knowledge of the social development
of ethnic groups in the US. I would also include an analytical essay of a scholarly article which
was an assignment from HIS 301. This essay shows that I was able to locate a scholarly article
and effectively analyze it by writing five paragraphs. Additionally, I could also incorporate a
research paper that focuses on how race and ethnicity influenced the community of Torrance.
The inclusion of this artifact would show that I have knowledge of how race and ethnicity has
played an important role in history specifically in the development of communities. These
artifacts show that I have acquired some of the information necessary to teach the history