How to assist the crowd-funding for YiA18.

org , by simply subscribing to
a brand’s Newsletter.

First of all visit our website @ ! Click upon the GOLDENBRANDS
banner right besides the picture of the main page. This will redirect you to the
following page. Enter your e-mail address as it is indicated into first row.


Continue by typing your First Name and Last Name at the 2nd and 3rd rows
consecutive. Finally select into the last field Άνδρας for Man & Γυναίκα for Woman.
Click upon the yellow tab, and you will be redirecting to the following window,
which verifies your subscription to Newsletter. We are almost there!! 


Finally log into your e-mail account, where you will receive the validation e-mail
from Golden
It is also advisable to visit your Spam folder, as this e-mail notification might be
classified as spam.


A validation’s notification e-mail from Golden would be exactly as the
above screenshot.
You are kindly requested to click upon the unique link: http://join,
at the end of this male. You will be redirected to the following window, displaying the
successful validation message.
Thank you very much for supporting our efforts!